Quantitative Finance Tour

The Quantitative Finance Tour (QFT) is the investment banking tour for quantitative students in the Netherlands. This tour provides 24 students with a technical background, such as econometrics, a chance to become an investment banker for one week in London, the City.

The City is the financial heart of Europe and forms the financial centre of the world together with Tokyo and New York. In this area are all the big investment banks located, such as Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan and Credit Suisse. This is the exciting place the Quantitative Finance Tour will visit and where you can get in touch with investment banks.

In previous editions students got to know investment banks in London, but also Dutch investment banks such as Kempen & Co and Rabobank. That way you can prepare yourself before going to London and compare the different working environments. Also this year the committee thrives to visit as many prestigious banks as possible. Since January the committee is working very hard to organise this edition. This is the first edition organised together with students from Delft University of Technology. The QFT is a combination of the Quantitative Finance Project from FAECTOR and the Delft London Financial Tour. By combining these tour and by aiming this tour at all quantitative students, we will make it the largest investment banking tour for quantitative students!

For more information about the tour, visit our website www.qft.nl, see our video on YouTube or like us on Facebook.