Marketing & Innovation Officer

The Marketing & Innovation Officer plays a key role within FAECTOR. On the front-end you are able to see all promotional materials and behind the scenes you are working on innovations in order to improve the efficiency within FAECTOR. This can be IT related, but it doesn’t have to be! You are involved with all of FAECTOR’s projects as every event needs promotion. This is especially the case for the larger projects, such as the Econometric Career Days, the Business Trip, and the FAECTOR Research Project. As the Marketing Officer you need to keep FAECTOR’s members engaged during the year with the use of our social media platforms. You are continuously looking to improve our reach through either different social media platforms or by using data to improve targeting.

Your year will start with the most important moment to gain new members, namely the Eurekaweek and the first weeks of the academic year. During this period it is your job to show what FAECTOR has to offer to the new students. Over the course of this year you will work on sustaining and expanding the professional brand of FAECTOR in a on and off campus capacity. Therefore it’s important you make sure FAECTOR is visible on campus as well as to keep in contact with the EUR and with Erasmus School of Economics.

During this period you will be supervising three committees for FAECTOR, acting mostly as a project manager for many unique projects. The Marketing Committee will assist you with the design and implementation of all promotional materials. Together with the IT committee you will think about problems within the association that can be solved with IT. You will have a direct impact in planning strategies to increase efficiency of the board and committees. As FAECTOR turns 55 upcoming year we have our lustrum. You will be in charge of the Lustrum Committee, they will organise 6 events during the year which requires a lot of brainstorm sessions, in which you will critically check whether the plans are feasible.

As the Marketing & Innovation Officer you constantly have many different projects that require your input. You will therefore have to plan well ahead and set priorities. Your all-round involvement with both internal and external parties makes this position one of the most diverse and challenging ones and you will definitely not be bored for a single day! 

What will be the main responsibilities of the Marketing & Innovation Officer of the 55th board?

  • Maintaining and further spreading FAECTOR’s brand to students, companies and the university
  • Overseeing and planning the promotion of all projects and activities
  • Main contact person for external parties, like ESE and EUR, about marketing and co-branding
  • Close contact with all of your fellow board members for their events
  • Supervising the Lustrum Committee
  • Supervising the Marketing Committee
  • Supervising the IT Committee