Even though my tasks are different from week to week, I hope to give you some insights into what it would be like to be the President of the 56th Board of FAECTOR! Having a lot of meetings, speaking at an event here and there, and signing some paperwork cannot be all a President does right? Indeed, I guess these activities even take less than 50% of my time. Being the President of FAECTOR comes with so many more responsibilities, opportunities, and privileges! Firstly and most importantly, you are responsible for the general well-being of the association, creating a comfortable and inspiring working environment for your fellow board members, and watching over the long-term goals of the association.

One of the things I really like about being a President is that it involves a lot of talking. You are a trust person for your fellow board members, so they come to you with their problems and concerns, but of course also for small-talk. As you represent your members, it is important to talk to them as well. Conveniently, they come to the FAECTOR office quite regularly so it’s nice to chit-chat with them as often as you can! Because of this, you get to know a little bit about everything, which is one of the privileges of being a President.

Of course, you also talk quite regularly in all the meetings you attend. At the weekly board meetings you are responsible for making the agenda and making  sure everything runs smoothly. On top of that you attend meetings with the Supervisory Board, but also with external parties like the Convent (which represents all ESE study associations), KORF (which represents all university wide faculty associations) and the LOES (which represents all econometrics associations in the Netherlands). You will also chair two General Assemblies of Members (GAM's) of FAECTOR next year.

Additionally, you will be the first president to supervise the new Eurekaweek Committee! In January 2022 this committee will open and be in charge of the organisation of all the events FAECTOR participates in during the Eurekaweek, the recruitment of FAECTOR Eurekaweek guides, and much more. 

It is impossible to capture all my stories and tasks of the past year in a couple of paragraphs. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions about the position of President of the 56th Board of FAECTOR, I’m always open to answer all of your questions over a cup of coffee or tea!

What will be the main responsibilities of the President of the 56th board?

  • Chairing all board meetings
  • Being an outlet for your fellow board members
  • Supervising the Eurekaweek Committee
  • Chairing the GAM's
  • Supervising the policy and keeping track of FAECTOR's long term goals
  • Contact with the LOES
  • Contact with the Convent
  • Contact with the KORF
  • Organising events with Interfaculty Rotterdam
  • Contact with University Council
  • Contact with Supervisory Board