Commercial Officer

The Commercial Officer basically is the face and representative of the association towards all companies and recruiters interested in econometrics students. Within this position you will build a strong network and get to know a lot of people within the world of business!

Your board year will start a bit more intense than that of your fellow board members, since the acquisition is mostly done in the summer. During the summer you will visit most of the companies that have an extensive cooperation with FAECTOR. These range from the biggest banks to very specialised (strategy) consultancy companies. This will make you become very well-oriented on the job market. The Career Officer will support you with the acquisition and will do about 30% of the company visits.

You get to dive into your board year head first! It is an extremely interesting and fun period in which you have to work hard but also learn a lot. It is very rewarding to achieve so much already before the year has officially started. You are basically laying out the foundations for the upcoming year. The better you do, the more you can organise for your members!

After the summer you will add more companies to the ones that we were already in contact with. During your board year you will be very busy answering emails of companies with the final questions about the future cooperation and making sure that the companies sign their contracts.

Besides, you will be busy with supervising the committee members of ICansultancy, a prestigious event with strategy consultants, and the Business Trip. During this Business Trip you will give students the opportunity to experience cultural differences and get to know international businesses in another country, usually outside Europe. The Business Trip takes place in May and marks (almost) the end of your board year. So, by both the summer acquisition and the business trip, your commercial year is off to a great start and ends with an unforgettable experience!

Beyond supervising these committees, you will be responsible for managing (our vacancy website), setting up new events, visiting new potential partners, etc. etc. etc. There are always new (long term) projects to work on!

What will be the main responsibilities of the Commercial Officer of the 57th board?

  • Representative of the association towards companies and recruiters
  • Managing long-term and short-term policy of 
  • Supervising the Business Trip Committee
  • Supervising the ICansultancy Committee
  • Supporting committee members at the field of acquisition


Please feel free to contact me for all questions about doing a board year in general or about the role as Commercial Officer of the board. My email is and my phone number is +31637196420.

Ewoud Schwartzenberg, Commercial Officer of the 56th Board of FAECTOR