Educational Officer

You could see the position of Educational Officer as a Project Manager. As the Educational Officer of the 57th board of FAECTOR, you will be in charge of the educational events, the representation of FAECTOR within  Erasmus University Rotterdam and the international aspect of the association. Some of the main responsibilities include the Excellence Programme, the FAECTOR Research Project (FRP), the Orientation Days and the  Workshop Cycle. Moreover, you are responsible for our relationship with Erasmus School of Economics and the professors.

The position of Educational Officer is certainly one of the most diverse and exciting ones!  You will have a lot of freedom for innovations and creative ideas. For example, together with the Excellence Programme committee, you will choose the topic which you find fascinating and relevant. Next to that, it is up to you how to fill the Workshop Cycle. For example, this year I worked with B&R Beurs to continue the Financial Engineering Cycle (FEC). As you will attend all of those events yourself, you will get a chance to build up a lot of knowledge during your board year.

As a result of such a diverse portfolio of projects, you will cooperate with a lot of different people. You will have a lot of contact with the university,  the professors and other study- or student associations. You will also be in touch with many different students, from first-year students in the Freshmen Committee, to international students in iBuddy programme and to Master students during the workshops. Additionally, you will approach and visit various companies for the Workshop Cycle, the Excellence  Programme and the FAECTOR Research Project.

The board year is not just about following the guidelines. You will learn how to tackle unexpected situations, how to set up new projects, work together with different kinds of people and how to communicate effectively. You will certainly learn a lot about yourself and develop many valuable skills. Most importantly, you will do all that while having a lot of fun, collecting memories and making friends for a lifetime!

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to know more about the position of Educational Officer of the 57th board of FAECTOR!

What will be the main responsibilities of the Educational Officer of the 57th board?

  • Organising Workshop Cycle
  • Orgnanising iBuddy Programme and supporting internationalisation at FAECTOR
  • Organising Orientation Days
  • Organising ESE Take-Offs
  • Supervising the Freshmen Committee
  • Supervising the FAECTOR Research Project Committee*
  • Supervising the Excellence Programme Committee
  • Contact with Erasmus School of Economics


Please feel free to contact me for all questions about doing a board year in general or about the role as Educational Officer of the board. My email is and my phone number is +31622016638.

Johannes Schurink, Educational Officer of the 56th Board of FAECTOR