The position of Secretary is one of the most diverse positions of the board and therefore it is hard to summarise in one piece of text. Each week you will have different tasks and your agenda will therefore never look the same!

Your main responsibility is the well-being of all members of FAECTOR and being the first point of contact for them. In practice, this means that you’ll be doing a lot of socialising during events but also at the office for example. Also, when thinking about the policy with the board, you often see things from the point of view of the members and make sure their well-being is always thought of when making decisions.

Next to that, you will have four committees under your supervision; the Alumni Committee, the Eerstejaarscommissie, the Estimator Committee, and the Event Committee! Therefore, you will often be busy with managing committees and organising all sorts of events. You attend your committee’s meetings, keep in close contact with the chairmen of the committees and are in contact with the audit committee and the supervisory board if necessary for events. You oversee if the plans of the committees are realistic and doable within the timeframe and budget, but you also have fun with your committees through dinners and other events together. Supervising four committees and being busy with other tasks at the same time requires a lot of managing skills, but is also a lot of fun as you get to collaborate with many different people!

The Secretary is also responsible for everything that has to do with the FAECTOR Alumni Network. This includes taking place in the FAECTOR Alumni Network’s board with the four former secretaries and supervising the Alumni Committee. It is your task to promote our Alumni Network and make sure you keep attracting our alumni. Besides that, you are in contact with the alumni office of Erasmus School of Economics. 

Another task of the Secretary is to keep everyone up to date concerning FAECTOR’s activities through mailings. You take care of the monthly mailings and FAECTOR content in other mailings such as the monthly ESE newsletter. You also get to write the almanac articles to enclose in other association’s almanacs and make minutes of the weekly board meetings and the general assemblies of members.

This is only a small summary of what the Secretary of FAECTOR does, but a board year is so much more than just your own tasks! A board year is definitely a year where you truly develop yourself on many different aspects and you create everlasting memories with lots of different people!

What will be the main responsibilities of the Secretary of the 58th board?

  • The well-being of all FAECTOR members
  • Supervising the Alumni Committee
  • Supervising the Eerstejaarscommissie
  • Supervising the Estimator Committee
  • Supervising the Event Committee
  • The FAECTOR Alumni Network
  • Contact with other (study)associations and with all FAECTOR members by for example monthly mailings
  • Minutes of Board Meetings and General Assemblies of Members


Please feel free to contact me for all questions about doing a board year in general or about the role as Secretary of the board. My email is and my phone number is +31619422619

Daan Derksen, Secretary of the 57th Board of FAECTOR