The Treasurer oversees all the association's financial activities, which is a big responsibility. The year begins with drawing up the budget together with your predecessor and learning accounting skills. The first budget is already one of the most important tasks during the year, as it influences the policy for the year. Throughout the year, you are involved in all decisions and projects that require a specific budget. Here you play an essential role, as money is always a significant factor in the decision-making process, and you have the most knowledge of the finances of FAECTOR. You will be in close contact with all the committees and their treasurers. All event and committee budgets must be critically assessed and approved by you first, and you will regularly check them. For bigger events such as the Econometric Career Days or the Business Trip, it is even more important that you closely monitor the financial progress over the year. In addition, you are responsible for all payment matters with the companies FAECTOR works with.

Besides keeping an eye on the financial status of FAECTOR, you are responsible for the financial administration. This administration includes carefully administrating all payments in the bookkeeping program Exact, sending and keeping track of all invoices, filing tax returns, and updating budgets. As Treasurer, you are in close contact with many people as you are involved in every financial decision. First, you will work closely with all committee members and your fellow board members concerning the finances of their projects.

Next, all contact with the Audit Committee goes through you. This committee controls your work and needs to approve significant expenditures. Moreover, as Treasurer, you take part in the SAED board. This fund financially supports FAECTOR and provides grants for the FAECTOR board through investments. Furthermore, as FAECTOR is the Treasurer of Interfaculty, you will work closely with the President of your board to control the budgets of Interfaculty events. Finally, you will take place in the Audit Committee of the LOES, the national organ for Econometric study associations of the different cities in The Netherlands. Here you control the finances and accounting of the LOES treasurer.

Besides overseeing the financial situation and bookkeeping, the Treasurer oversees the book sale and supervises two committees: The City Trip Committee and the Internal Activities Committee. These committees are responsible for the annual FAECTOR City Trip, Active members weekend and all other events for the Active Members.

What will be the main responsibilities of the Treasurer of the 58th board?

  • Preparing and updating FAECTOR's budget
  • Controlling committee and event finances
  • Company contact for payment matters
  • Financial administration
  • Contact with the Audit Committee
  • Involvement in financial matters of SAED, Interfaculty and FMT
  • Supervising the FAECTOR Consultancy Project Committee
  • Supervising the City Trip Committee
  • Booksale


Please feel free to contact me with all questions about doing a board year in general or about the role of Treasurer of the board. My e-mail is, and my phone number is +31639236155.

Diede Verkaik, Treasurer of the 57th Board of FAECTOR