External Committee

The main task of the External Committee is to aid FAECTOR in its various fields of acquisition, assisting with different kind of projects.

As a committee member, you will look for new companies that are interested in working with FAECTOR. With your fellow committee members, you will do this by actively exploring interesting companies and calling them to convince them to join one of our events. Therefore, we are looking for students that can represent our association in the best possible way. In order to reach this objective, you will receive a number of trainings. 

This year, the External Committee will help in the acquisition for various of FAECTOR's projects. The committee members will provide advice to our broad network of companies by combining strategic thinking and analysing. Next to this, this committee will be entirely responsible for our charity project and acquiring more deals for the FAECTOR app.

The External Committee of 2019-2020 exists of the following members:

  • Maitrang Le (Chairman)
  • Jelle Schouten
  • Remo Oostdam
  • Robbert Driehuis
  • Charlotte van der Heide (Supervisor from the board)

From left to right: Maitrang, Robbert, Charlotte, Remo and Jelle.

Note that you can only apply for this committee if you are a Bachelor 2 student or higher. 
Applications for the External Committee 2020-2021 will open in September 2020.