External Committee

The main tasks of the External Committee are to aid the Career and Commercial Officers in the fields of acquisition, organisation and consulting.

As a committee member, you will look for new companies that are interested in working with FAECTOR. With your fellow committee members you will do this by actively approaching companies and persuading them to work with us. Therefore, we are looking for students that can represent our association in the best possible way. In order to accomplish this objective, you will receive a number of trainings.

Apart from doing acquisition you will also aid the Career Officer in the organisation of career events. You will do this by contacting participating companies before the events, and by making sure things run smoothly during the events. 

During the upcoming year the External Committee will also be entirely responsible for the acquisition and organisation of a new career event. The committee is offered a lot of freedom to express their creativity in organising this event. Moreover, the committee members will provide advice to our broad network of companies by combining strategic thinking and analysing.

The External Committee consists of the following students:

  • Dave Warsito (chairman)
  • Erine de Leeuw
  • Lotte van der Linden
  • Michel Pham
  • Wouter van Wessel
  • Pim van der Voet (supervisor)

Applications for the External Committee of 2019-2020 open in September 2019