FAECTOR Research Project (FRP) Committee 19/20

The FAECTOR Research Project committee organizes one of the most longstanding events of FAECTOR: The FAECTOR research project which is also referred to as the FRP. All aspects of the committee will now briefly be mentioned. Any information about the FAECTOR research project itself can be found here.

The committee arranges the internships and the study trip. Committee members are responsible for the acquisition of companies that offer an internship in the project. They contact companies by phone and occasionally visit them on behalf of the project. Thereafter, they are in charge of selecting the most suitable students for the companies. The committee member are also participants in the FRP and thus also do an internship. 

Just like every other participant of the project they prepare for their internship during the summer break and start in the first week of the new semester. The committee will be planning the study trip during the first few month of the new academic year.

Social and planning skills are highly valued skills for a FRP committee member. Next to innate skills you’ll learn a few other important skills such as the art of acquisition and everything about the communication with companies. You’ll practice your planning skills by writing a script for the study trip.

This committee is currently organising the trip to a destination outside of Europe. This year the trip is going to Thailand and Singapore.

The FRP committee 2019-2020 consists of the following students:

  • Willemijn Ouwersloot (Chairmain)
  • Jill Langenberg (Secretary)
  • Bart Dubbeldam (Treasurer)
  • Annelot Bosman (Day Coordinator)
  • Evita Hoogeveen (Supervisor from the board)

From left to right: Bart, Willemijn, Jill, Evita and Annelot.