FAECTOR (formerly Econometrisch Dispuut) is the faculty association for aspiring econometricians at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, and one of two faculty associations at the Erasmus School of Economics. Our mission is to enrich the student experience of all econometricians, in the broadest sense of the word. As FAECTOR, we strive to fulfill this ambition by organizing the largest and most diverse portfolio of projects and events available to students Econometrics in the Netherlands. This has not been without success: since our foundation in 1966 we have been an ever growing association, with more members and projects every year. Now, in 2017, we are the largest and most prestigious association for Econometrics students worldwide, with more than ten career events and many more activities every year.

One of our most ambitious events is the FAECTOR Research Project (FRP): a combination of a two month full-time research internship position at a renowned company in the Netherlands, and a three-week study trip to one or multiple countries outside Europe. Last years, we have been to South Korea, Singapore, New York, South-Africa ans Brazil. Aimed at last-year bachelor students, FRP provides the exciting opportunity of a large internship combined with the deep experience of immersing yourself into a culture different from the one you know.

Every year we organise the Quantitative Finance Tour (QFT), the most successful international application trip for quantitative students interested in the world of investment banking and trading. Aimed at high potential master students and last-year bachelor students, our event provides aspiring investment bankers and traders the opportunity to spend a week in London. There they can take the chance to impress the banks by performing well on their cases, have dinner with company recruiters, analysts and management, and find out which company they want to apply to for an internship or job. With a strong selection of all participants based on resume and academic results, we ensure our best students have a shot at the dream job they always wanted.

The National Econometrics Day (Landelijke Econometristen Dag in Dutch, abbreviated as LED) is the single largest event for students Econometrics to date. The LED is a national career event where all econometrics students from the Netherlands are invited to an intensive one-day programme of making two large cases and a dinner with company representatives. It has a rich history of a diverse selection of companies. Consultants, investment banks, traders, actuaries and the government: if they need econometricians, you will find them here. And they will find you.

The Econometrics & Operations Research programme at Erasmus University is among the most prized programmes in the Netherlands. It provides our students with the theoretical foundation and practical way of thinking that allows them to succeed in whatever they choose to put their minds to. However, we at FAECTOR believe that what separates a good graduate from a truly great one is not just education, but in large part the extracurricular experience gained alongside it. As an organization for and by students, we have extracurricular opportunities in ample supply. Though a seemingly small thing, on the longer term we consider it one of our greatest contributions.