52nd Board of FAECTOR

The moment we were announced as the 51st board of FAECTOR we came together and got our famous green suits. We spent most of our summer writing our policy for the upcoming year; what do we want achieve, what do we keep, what do we get rid of, what do we focus on?

We set certain goals to improve: spreading our name all over the campus, broadening the reach of articles on the Estimator platform and digging further into the world of alumni. We came up with a strategy and our hard work paid off; we are now known everywhere around the university, posting a variety of articles on the Estimator on a regular basis and developing a new long term policy for our alumni network, RECNET. 

At the end of summer we finally got to know our new first year students during the introduction camps and the Eurekaweek. And then it was time, it was September: the busiest month of a board member! We had our general assembly meeting with which the board year officially started. Almost every night there was another constitution drink from a different association in Rotterdam – while during the day you work hard on executing the policy written in summer. Different committees were formed which help FAECTOR by organizing events or setting up strategies. Three times a year, being a board member brings you to the other side of the table during the interviews for the new committees and board – which you yourself had to master not so long ago.

The general tasks and activities are almost the same for the entire board. You prepare yourself for the General Member Assemblies and make sure you help and are present at all the events your fellow board members organise. You have a lot of social drinks during the year, from your own association, to other associations (both Rotterdam and the rest of the Netherlands), to the EUR, the ESE, company board battles and many more. You are the lucky one who is present at all activities: City Trip, Ski Trip, Interfaculty Gala, EFI-Weekend, Eurekaweek, Introduction camps, you name it! Besides these events you become part of a select group who parties at every Dies and Constitution drink and you get access to the best of all: the old board members day, where you have a wonderful dinner (and a “few” drinks) with all the old board members. Luckily, this day stays in your agenda even after your board year ended in what feels like the blink of an eye, making sure that you will always stay part of the association.

A board year is a year full of organising and attending events, but also a lot of setting up systems and building the frames for the future of FAECTOR. A long and exhausting year full of memorable and fun moments.

Check out all the positions:
Career Officer
Commercial Officer
Educational Officer
IT & Marketing Officer

Are you up for the challenge? Make sure your CV, Motivation Letter and Gradelist are in one pdf file (this can be done here) and list your top 3 positions. After applying we let you know if you are selected for an interview. Please note that in order to be considered for a board position you will have to speak Dutch fluently.

The application deadline for the 52nd board has passed.