52nd Career Officer

Throughout the whole year, we as FAECTOR, organise a lot of different social and career activities for our members. By offering career events to our students we want to build a bridge between a study environment towards a decent professional environment in as many relevant areas as possible. But, of course, this can be done during different periods of your study time and with many different kind of events. By organising large events such as the Econometric Career Days or the Quantitative Finance Tour and smaller events such as Inhouse Days, Company Dinner or Find Your Match we try to reach for a nice diversity for all students. As a Career Officer it is your responsibility that these career events are organised properly, which means that a lot of preparation prior to all these events is necessary as each event should be as tight as possible.

The Week of the Career Officer of FAECTOR

On monday morning I returned from Active Members weekend in Gorredijk. After a very fun weekend, the week starts with checking my email. I answer some questions of companies about the upcoming QFT, Orientation Days and Company Dinner. Last week we discussed that there should be a meeting to evaluate our current selection of events and I see that this has been scheduled for today. To prepare for this meeting I create an overview of all the events we organise, so that we can decide based on the numbers whether and which events are great and which of them need an extra impulse next year. After the meeting, I have meeting with the Business Trip Committee. During this meeting we discuss the applications and make the first draft of the ‘draaiboek’.

On Tuesday we always have a board meeting in the morning. During these weekly meetings we give an update, discuss our current progress and think of some new strategies for the upcoming events. Afterwards I have a meeting with Rob about the Company Dinner and the upcoming Econometric Career Days. In this meeting we primarily discussed the best strategy to contact new companies for the ECD 2017. In the afternoon I am busy writing a promotion text for the Orientation Days - Logistics and creating the form for students to apply which will be used this Friday. When I am done, I head to VIP to have dinner with the QFT committee and discuss the participating banks and the best promotional strategy.

On Wednesday my alarm went off early as I had a meeting at 10:00 with Kempen & Co for the Quantitative Finance Tour in Amsterdam. During this meeting we evaluated last year’s edition and discuss possible future collaborations in the next edition of the tour. After the train journey, I arrived just in time for the brainstorm session to begin. The brainstorm sessions are different from the board meetings as they are there to think about and discuss the long term goal of FAECTOR.

This Thursday we organised the Quantitative Marketing & Business Analytics Orientation Day. First, we had a presentation of a Master Student explaining her experience with the marketing Master. Afterwards there was a presentation from de Belastingdienst where they discussed how they put the theory from the master into practice. In the afternoon I went to the paper presentations of the excellence programme. After the event I check my email and answer some emails I received.

This day starts with a meeting with the new ECD committee, where we were thinking about what to do better than last year and how to expand next edition of the ECD even more. We also discussed the brochure that was created by Then followed by opening the registration form for the Quantitative Finance - Orientation Day and a meeting with Mateusz where we discussed the best promotion schedule for the upcoming Company Dinner. At the end of the afternoon I headed to the city center to do a beer tasting with my old ECD committee. We won this beer tasting by winning the committee battles last year.