52nd Commercial Officer

The Commercial Officer basically is the face and representative of the association towards all companies and recruiters interested in econometrics students. Within this position you will build a strong network and get to know a lot of people within the world of business!

The Week of the Commercial Officer of FAECTOR

Monday usually starts early around 9:00 o’clock with going through my mailbox, mailing everyone that needs to be answered or reminded of a request I made them. At 13 o’clock I had a meeting with the two externals of the ECD committee. They are about to start with the acquisition for the ECD and we talked about the general way to document the progress of the acquisition and how to write a decent mail.
At 15 o’clock I had a telephone call with a company looking for an intern on short terms. After discussing what they exactly look for in an intern and what their budget is, we decided that posting the vacancy on econometrie.com would be the best way for them to go. Fifteen minutes later I received their company logo and their profile is online now!

The day started with our board meeting. In two hours we discuss everyone’s projects and upcoming events. Issues are addressed and we try to come up with the best possible solutions. This meeting is always good for hearing about what my fellow board members are busy with!
After the board meeting I had to prepare an upcoming meeting with the Commercial Officers of all other econometric study associations. During the Skype meeting we discussed our mailings strategy and how to finetune it. Moreover, it is always fun to catch up with your colleagues from different cities so of course we also had some chit chat about life.
Following the Skype call, I met with the Recruitment Committee that I supervise. With the Recruitment Committee we call potentially new clients interested in working together with FAECTOR. Besides that, we contribute to the yearly Erasmus Charity Run which is organised by a combination of multiple study associations of the Erasmus University. As this takes place April 9th already, we really need to collect all the sponsored prizes and goodies ASAP!
The rest of the day is filled with answering calls from companies looking to promote their traineeship and assisting the FRP committee which is in the midst of their acquisition period as well.

Wednesday started off with a short meeting with the IT committee to discuss possibilities of improving econometrie.com. The website is one of my main responsibilities and I take great care of keeping it updated with the most interesting and diverse vacancies! Following the meeting I documented the most important insights which I keep in a document that is stored on our internal storage system. When you save all your work in a tidy and precise way, you make the job of your successor much easier. As the board changes each and every year we need to make sure that the wheel is not reinvented every year. 
In the afternoon I met with the ECD committee to brainstorm about the new additions to the Econometric Career Days of 2017. Econometrics is booming and our career week has only been organised four times. So there is a lot of room for improvement and you can always come up with new things to add to the week. We have been going from a two day event to a week full econometrics which is to be called quite an exponential growth. Now is the time to be involved in the sector of econometrics!

This morning I put on my best suit as the day is all about the Orientation Day - Marketing. There was some hassle about it as one of the speakers of the day cancelled its participation right the day before and we had to look for an replacement less than 20 hours before the start. Luckily we managed to find a very good replacement, but until then it was quite stressful!
The event itself at the end was very successful The room was booked full with a lot of econometrics, and the presentation of De Belastingdienst was very interesting. As a Commercial Officer, your main task in organising this event is making sure to find a company willing to give the presentation and sign the contract. Then when the event is about to take place, you communicate with your partners about the location, the amount of students and all other conditions during the event. This all goes in careful consult with your buddy Career Officer. 
In the evening it was time for the third of the always legendary FAECTOR after exam drinks. It’s always great to see so many econometricians come together and get social. The huge commitment of econometricians to FAECTOR’s events is what makes our association so unique and fun.

Fridays are always somewhat quieter, as recruiters and companies also tend to send less mails. Therefore, these days I usually work on longer term projects. This friday I started of working on the new business folder which we send to our partners in the summer. Thinking about new events to include and which ones to exclude is the biggest challenge in this process. Doing this in InDesign trains you in yet another skill haha! However, I would try to outsource this work to the Marketing Officer as much as possible ;)
I had to stop working on the folder quite early already as we were leaving for Active Members Weekend early in the afternoon. Two hours in the car to Gorredijk (Friesland) was all worth it. One weekend with fun and activities with everyone who puts time and energy into FAECTOR, I can recommend becoming a part of our family for life!