52nd Educational Officer

Interested in the position of Educational Officer? In this article I will try to give you a better insight in what the tasks of an Educational Officer are.

As Educational Officer I am responsible for the educational events of FAECTOR, the representation of FAECTOR within the Erasmus university and the international aspect of the association. Some of the main responsibilities of the Educational Officer are the Best Econometric Thesis Award (BETA), the Excellence Programme and the FAECTOR Research Project (FRP).

Of the responsibilities mentioned above, taking care of the events will be the most time consuming task. So you could also see the position Educational Officer as a project manager. The tasks of an Educational Officer differ widely throughout the year, which makes this position very divers. To give you an idea of the things I do during a week, I will give you an overview.

The Week of an Educational Officer

Monday morning I usually start with checking my email and making a planning for upcoming week. After that the president and I have a meeting with the Management Team of the Econometric Institute (EI). Here we get the opportunity to discuss new ideas we have or to talk about how certain things within FAECTOR or the EI can be improved. Besides, we get an update of recent changes within the EI. After this meeting we have our weekly lunch with board. Everyone drops their work for half an hour and we talk about non-FAECTOR related stuff and discuss our weekend. After lunch I have a meeting at the office of Veneficus to discuss the future of the Best Econometric Thesis Award (βETA). During the first part of the year I went there a lot to talk about the subscription, the coordination of the day itself and the promotion. In the evening we have dinner with all the board members of Interfaculty Rotterdam. After dinner a party bus is waiting for us, which will bring us to the Skihut (what else?).

Every Tuesday we start with a board meeting. Here we discuss the past week and our plans for upcoming weeks. After that I have a meeting with the FRP Committee 2016/2017. Now the destination of the trip (Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro!) is know, we are ready to plan all the activities. Next to that we are making a list of companies we want to visit at the destinations. Today I also have a meeting with the FRP 2016/2017. We discuss which companies are called past weeks and which are likely to join the project. We also talk about the promotion of the project. In the evening the next activity of the Freshmen Committee will take place. Beforehand we have dinner together and prepare some final things.

Today I have a meeting with Milou Verheijen about the Master Take-Off. She is the Educational Marketing Officer of the ESE. The Master Take-Off is the first day of the academic year for the Masters. During this day they get the opportunity to get to know each other and to do a case with a company. As this day is mandatory for all Master students, it is quite a challenge to organise. During the year I also have a lot of meetings with her about the ESE Take-Off, the iBuddy Programme and the ouderdag. In the evening there is a lecture of the Excellence Programme. The Excellence Programme has expanded quite a lot since last year. Mostly in the first half of the year I have had a lot of meetings with Erik Kole about the content of the programme. Next to that I have been busy with searching for interesting speakers to invite and companies to visit.

In the morning I have a meeting at Vivat Verzekeringen in Utrecht about the FAECTOR Research Project. Together with a member of the FRP committee we will discuss the opportunities for Vivat to join the FRP. The rest of the day the board takes a day off have some relaxing time together. We go to Zoetermeer to play some extreme rounds of karts and afterwards we go to the house of Robert’s parents to have a lovely meal.

On Friday I am mostly busy with some general tasks like answering emails and updating the budgets of my events. Besides that I have a meeting with the student Education Panel, Digital is Normal. Here we discuss the possibilities of the new MyEUR platform. I end the week with a meeting with the Freshmen Committee, making plans for the introduction weekend PENGUIN.

I hope the position of Educational Officer is more clear for you now. If you have any questions you can always email me at educational@faector.nl or ask me for a coffee!