52nd Marketing Officer

In an organisation like FAECTOR, an IT & Marketing Officer is a necessity. As the Marketing Officer you will make a lot of friends in the board. Because, without any promotion there won’t exist an event like ECD or QFT. Furthermore, without the IT Officer and IT Committee there won’t exist a beautiful website like we have nowadays. Specifically, responsibilities include management the NAS (shared file server), other websites related to FAECTOR, and all other hardware of FAECTOR. Moreover, since this year, the IT Officer together with the IT Committee is responsible for setting up Data Analysis for FAECTOR and keeping track of all data of the association.

As the Marketing Officer you are responsible for all marketing and media related output of FAECTOR. A part of this are all the publications. First off, we have the Estimator: our online magazine concerning articles and output regarding the three pillars that FAECTOR is built on. Of course you also publish the wonderful yearly almanac!

Also, all marketing related processes are your responsibility: designing marketing material for most of our events. Furthermore, as a Marketing Officer, you will develop a long-term promotional plan, learn how to use several design programmes (like Adobe Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, etc.) and keeping FAECTOR’s social media channels up-to-date. Although a knack for graphic design comes in handy, it is not a prerequisite. One must not forget that you also have to guide a lot of committees which is quite a time consuming task. Together with your Estimator Committee, Marketing Committee and fellow board members you are responsible that everybody knows of the biggest association for econometricians in the Netherlands. If creativity is one of your strong suits, this position might be just what you are looking for!

The Week of the IT & Marketing Officer of FAECTOR

On Monday I always start with updating my promotion schedule. Since a week is over again, I have to plan all the promotion for upcoming weeks. Then, during noon, we have our weekly lunch together with the board. Here, everyone drops their work and comes together to talk about each others 'fijn weekend' and other non-FAECTOR related things. After the lunch I mostly spend on updating the social media of FAECTOR, like designing and planning different events, Facebook posts and cover pictures. Also I look through the agenda for the board meeting tomorrow, add points and check if I have completed all my tasks. 

Tuesday starts off with our weekly board meeting, where we discuss our past week, plans for upcoming weeks and other points that need to be discussed. Next I checked the content of the Estimator, updated the planning and invented some new topics, since tomorrow I have a meeting planned with the Estimator Committee. The rest of the Tuesday is filled with more general tasks such as designing and ordering some general FAECTOR posters, posting content or pictures on the social media and checking up on the work of the Marketing Committee, which is really busy now with designing the Almanac, and the Estimator Committee, working on their weekly articles.

My Wednesday is really a meeting-day. First, I have a meeting with the IT Committee. We discuss our progress with the data analysis, I get an update of every committee member's project and we check if our flexprojects our on schedule and if something perhaps went wrong or needs to be fixed. After this meeting, the IT Committee usually keeps hanging around the office (a casual IT Wednesday) but not for me, since it is time for my second meeting today; with the Estimator Committee. Together with the Estimaties we look through our planning for articles of the upcoming week, discuss and think of some questions for interviews and give everyone some new tasks for upcoming week. The rest of the Wednesday I spend on giving Genkgo a call and talk about the FAECTOR website and perform some general designing tasks.

I usually call Thursday 'Design day Thursday'. On this day I finish up most or all of my design projects, order some promotion material and launch different events on the Facebook, website or prepare them for the upcoming week(s). For example today I ordered different posters, brochures and banners of all kind of formats, for the 52nd Board, Upcoming Events and other promotion. Next to that, sometimes I meet up with the Media Relations Officer of the Erasmus School of Economics, Ronald de Groot. Together we discuss different subjects concerning the promotion of FAECTOR as a faculty association of the ESE and brainstorm about different possibilities and cooperations. 

Friday is the day to finish up all my orders of the promotion material and send the invoices to Wouter. I also have another meeting planned, with my Marketing Committee. With the MarCo maatjes we are very busy thinking about the content, planning and ideas of the Almanac. Moreover, also ideas for our webshop, merchandise and other promotion are discussed. And if that wasn't enough yet, different ideas for promotional posters are also presented and judged together with the committee. After this intense but fun meeting it is time to call our Almanac printer and discuss our planning and plans for the upcoming weeks regarding the Almanak, as well as catch up with how the work on the Almanac is going. Furthermore, this day I had to made the ESE weekly with my colleague of EFR. I end the day with a Friday Midday pintje ('Vrijdagmiddagborrel') together with the sec dhr. Van Dijk and close my PC for the weekend (after making a back-up of the NAS). Fijn weekend!