52nd President

As the president of FAECTOR, what are you doing every day? Chairing a meeting here and there, speaking at one or another event and signing a few cards every now and then cannot be all a president does. Indeed, even though being the president sounds quite vague at first, there are many more responsibilities and opportunities that come with being the face of an association. Generally, I am responsible for the general well-being of the association, creating an inspiring working environment where my fellow board members have all opportunities to prosper, watching over the long-term goals of the association by making decisions about the future of FAECTOR and representing FAECTOR in every possible way. Although every day and every week brings new challenges, I aim to provide a peek into a week of the working life of a president.

The Week of the President of FAECTOR

My agenda for Monday typically consists of many meetings. I represent FAECTOR’s interests in meetings with other parties at the University. These are, for example, the group of presidents of all Faculty associations at the EUR (the Koepelorgaan der Rotterdamse Faculteitsverenigingen, abbreviated as KORF) that discusses topics like the Eurekaweek and other topics on University level, or the Convent of study associations at the ESE, which is currently discussing the movement out of the Tinbergen building due to its upcoming renovation. Apart from that, my contacts also include ESE staff: every two months, together with the Educational Officer, I attend the Econometric Institute management team meeting. In those meetings, we discuss the way in which FAECTOR can support the Econometric Institute and vice versa.
Every Monday at noon, it is time to gather around with the whole board to talk about our weekend experiences while having lunch together at the FAECTOR office. Finally yet importantly, I use my Mondays to prepare our weekly board meeting on Tuesday morning.

The weekly board meetings take place on Tuesday morning. In this meeting, we discuss the topics that concern everyone and we give each other updates on our weekly work. Besides this meeting, my Tuesdays are mostly free to do general tasks. Of course, just like every day, I am wondering what the meal of the day will be at the H-canteen.

Every month on a Wednesday, it is time for an exciting trip to Utrecht where the LOES meetings take place. The LOES is an abbreviation for the Landelijk Orgaan der Econometrische Studieverenigingen, where we, all the presidents from the six Econometrics study associations in the Netherlands, discuss various topics concerning all econometrics students. Our main topics are the Landelijke Econometristendag (abbreviated as LED) and the Landelijk Econometristen Sport Toernooi (abbreviated as LEST), as well as several other national agreements.

Every two weeks I have a meeting with the presidents of the seven study associations that are part of Interfaculty Rotterdam. Interfaculty Rotterdam organises social events to create bonding opportunities between the members of the different associations, which are the Interfaculty Comedy Experience, the Interfaculty Gala and the Interfaculty Party. Besides the bonding opportunities that we aim to create for students, the boards of the attending associations in Interfaculty Rottterdam will also get to know each other after having a few drinks together.

A Friday is a typical day to round off the week, think about long-term projects and have talks with my fellow board members. I talk individually with my fellow board members to get up-to-date about all ongoing projects and assist them when needed. Furthermore, I prepare myself for the next week by preparing upcoming meetings.

Besides these regular pursuits, there are also the general tasks every board member has to do and a lot of my time goes to phone calls, responding and sending emails and having personal conversations with my fellow board members and members of the supervisory board. As the president of FAECTOR you are also the one who chairs the general member assemblies and the board meetings, you speak at multiple events and represent FAECTOR in every possible way.

The general tasks and activities are almost the same for the entire board. You prepare yourself for the General Member Assemblies and make sure you help and you are present at the events that your fellow board members organise. You have many social drinks during the year from your own association, other associations (both in Rotterdam and in the rest of the Netherlands), the EUR, the ESE, companies (especially for student boards) and many more. You are the lucky one who is present at all FAECTOR activities: City-Trip, Ski-Trip, Gala, Active Members Weekend, Eurekaweek, Introduction camps, you name it. Besides these events you become part of a select group of board members in Rotterdam who party at every Dies and Constitution drink and you get access to the best of all: the former board members dinner, where you have a wonderful dinner (and a “few” drinks) with many former board members. Luckily, this day stays in your agenda even after your board year ended in what feels like the blink of an eye, making sure that you will always stay part of the association.

Are you excited about becoming the President of the 52nd board of FAECTOR? Great, I look forward to answer all questions that you have during a Board Interest Drink or over a cup of coffee!