52nd Secretary

Your tasks as Secretary differ from week to week, that’s what makes the function so challenging.

The Week of the Secretary of FAECTOR

It is Monday again, which means it’s time to move to our office at H10-05. If an e-mail is very important I answer it in the weekend but the rest I answer on Monday morning. It can be an e-mail from a company that wants to promote their vacancies, an e-mail of a sport association that would like to co-operate with us, an invitation for the board or an e-mail from one of our members. When the clock strikes 12:00h it’s time for our weekly board lunch. During this lunch we talk about each other’s weekend and hobby’s. When the lunch is finished I take a look at the agendas of all my committees to make sure everything runs smoothly. If all agendas look right I’m a very happy man, if not I contact the chairman of the committee. In between I took time to write a short piece of text for the Almanac of the MFVR, the study association for medicine students. The contact with other study, student and sport associations is a great addition to the tasks of the Secretary. After writing the text I send a datumprikker for a next activity with their board! In the late afternoon I have a meeting with the Sport Committee. We start thinking about a location for FAECTOR´s next Ski Trip and make the last preparations for our Darts Tournament. To conclude the day, I check whether I have completed my tasks for the board meeting next morning.

Tuesday starts off with the weekly board meeting. During this meeting the making of the minutes is my task. Besides making the minutes I give a 51 second (sometimes longer) update about all my tasks. Later on I give an update about my committees and the organisation of their activities. Furthermore, we discuss the other points that are on the agenda. When I have an important topic that I would like to discuss with all my fellow board members, I put it on the agenda too. When the board meeting ends I stay seated for about 15 minutes to finish the minutes and make a short tasks list for next meeting. After a tasty lunch from the Spar (read: Sparwalder, cheese and ham) two members of the Eurekaweek Committee walk by for a meeting. Together with President Robert Arends we discuss the upcoming Eurekaweek and the tasks for FAECTOR during this week. When this is done it’s time for me to make a scheme for all upcoming events to prepare FAECTOR’s monthly mailing.

On Wednesday I have the beloved kamerdienst, so I arrive on university at 09:00h in the morning. I prepare my meeting with the Activities Committee. Together with the Activities Committee we make our last preparations for our yearly City Trip. Besides the flight tickets and hostel, we also have to think about a programme with both cultural and informal activities. Furthermore, we start looking for a location for the End-of-the-Year party. Afterwards I sit an additional 10 minutes with the chairman to make sure that all tasks are being divided. The rest of the afternoon I answer all incoming e-mails. Trust me, Holland’s largest study association for econometricians gets a lot! In the evening I have dinner with the Alumni Committee, just before our second RECNET drink. Together we prepare the drink as we also host a pub quiz and campus tour. During the drink I get in contact with alumni, working at different kind of companies and in different countries.

Thursday begins with a meeting with the IntAct Committee. As the Active Members weekend is coming closer and closer, we are busy with the last details. Before the meeting I talk for about 15 minutes with the chairman to be totally informed. After the IntAct meeting it’s time for another committee; the Alumni one! After a successful second RECNET drink we make a short evaluation; something we make after every FAECTOR event. After the short evaluation, we start thinking about a new activity for and with our alumni. We want to make RECNET as visible as possible so we also start discussing about an own Facebook page and house style together with the Marketing Committee. After the meeting it’s time to think about my predecessors dinner. In the beginning of the year you have the privilege to organise an event for all former board members and during the year it is common to organise a dinner for all your predecessors. Another opportunity to make great contacts! In the end of the day I have dinner with my lovely board members, after which we go to the presentations of the Excellence Programme organised by the Educational Officer.

It’s Friday and we start off with some exercises at Erasmus Sport. Afterwards I start looking to my inbox. A few people would like to unsubscribe for FAECTOR since they finished their studies. I remove them from our member list but save them to our alumni data base. Additionally I send them an e-mail to make sure they know about RECNET and their activities. In the afternoon I have a meeting with Charles Hermans, the one that is responsible for all alumni of the Erasmus School of Economics. Later on I travel to the Sligro with Treasurer Wouter to make sure our members can still get their snacks and drinks at our office. In the end of the day I have a look at the upcoming week to make sure that all my committee meetings are planned in our meeting rooms. Lastly I have a look at my online tasks list any.do. When all of today’s tasks are done it is time to wish everyone a “FIJN WEEKEND”!

As I told before, the tasks differ from week to week. In the beginning of the year we had a lot of constitution drinks and in the end of the year we have a lot of board announcement drinks. During the year the Secretary has a few weeks where he or she is busy making the minutes of the WALV and HALV. During a year as a board member of FAECTOR you get the chance to develop yourself in various ways and you get the chance to make everlasting contacts and friendships. Enjoy the ride!