52nd Treasurer

The Week of the Treasurer of FAECTOR

On Monday, to make a good start of the week, I do lots of paper works. Fresh invoices are sent to all kinds of companies and payments are done to all received invoices. Afterwards I update the budget. We also have our weekly board lunch on monday. Every week another board member is responsible for the lunch and we talk about our weekends. In the afternoon I work through my mailbox and remind other board members for the budget of their committees.

Our weekly board meetings are always on Tuesday morning. During this meeting we discuss our week and all upcoming activities. I will take a look into all new ideas from the financial perspective and the strategic long term.  Based on their ideas I make a good estimation of the feasibility of the idea. Besides the board meeting Tuesday is pretty free for my general board functions.

In the morning on Wednesdays I take a good look into the budgets of all committees. Sometimes I meet with the Treasurer of a committee to help them with their budget or discuss it. If there are big changes or if some things are incorrect I contact the concerning board member or committee member who is responsible for the budget. Besides this I meet with the Eerstejaarscommissie as we have an activity in the evening. We prepare the activity and have dinner together.

Once a month we meet with the board about the general budget. I update the budget regularly for the Audit Committee, the RvC and of course the board. We discuss the budget so everyone has a good overview of the budget of their committees. Afterwards I work on some long term projects. In the evening I have dinner with the Audit Committee (the previous three Treasurers). We socialise, discuss the bookkeeping and the budget.

Today starts with a meeting with the Sport Committee. We prepare our next activity. Afterwards I prepare the next book sale by meeting with the Study Store for all new books. I remind all professors to send their literature list for the next block. Afterwards I meet with the Treasurer of the Econometric Career Days. He updates me about the budget and we solve certain issues.  Besides the financial update he updates me about the new ideas, so I can give my strategic opinion. Afterwards I travel with our beloved Secretary to the Sligro, so everyone can enjoy delicious snacks/drinks at the office. We end the day In De Smitse with the board.