53rd board of FAECTOR

A board year at FAECTOR is an amazing experience, starting at the Board Announcement Drink in May up until the General Members Assembly almost one and a half years later. During your board year, you will get a lot of appreciation for the work you are doing in your specific position and you will develop yourself in terms of organisational and management skills, cooperating with your fellow board members and going through the steepest learning curve you have ever experienced!

The timeline of a board year partly depends on your position, but in general it looks somewhat as follows. After getting to know your fellow board members and getting ready for the start of the year with the help of your predecessors, it is finally time to get to know the new first year students during the introduction camps and the Eurekaweek. And then it is September: the busiest month of a board member! You will give a lot of presentations during the ESE take-offs, socialise with the new first year, Master en pre-Masterstudents, get installed during the General Members Assembly and attend a constitution drink from another association almost every night. The first committees are being formed who will help FAECTOR by organising all of the events that will shape your year and before you know it, the first block is already over. Next to attending all kinds of social, educational and career events in block 2, you will have to start working on the policy of FAECTOR for 2019, which you will present to the General Members Assembly in February. Don't forget to enjoy the LED, the Interfaculty Gala, Active Members Weekend and the Ski- and City Trip, because before you know it, you're halfway through the year and it is already time to start thinking about the 54th board!

The general tasks and activities are almost the same for the entire board. You prepare yourself for the General Members Assemblies and make sure you help and are present at all the events your fellow board members organise. You have a lot of social drinks during the year, from your own association to other associations (both in Rotterdam and in the rest of the Netherlands), to the EUR, the ESE, companies and many more. You are the lucky one who is present at all activities: Classy Dinner, Eurekaweek, the City Trip, the Introduction camps, you name it! Besides these events, you become part of a select group who parties at every Dies and Constitution drink and you get access to the best of all: the former board members day, where you have a wonderful dinner and a few drinks with all of FAECTOR's former board members. Luckily, this day stays in your agenda even after your board year ended in what feels like the blink of an eye, making sure that you will always stay part of the association.

A board year is a year full of organising and attending events, but also a lot of setting up systems and building the frames for the future of FAECTOR. A fantastic experience full of memorable and fun moments with your fellow board members as your closest group of friends!

Check out the different positions within the 53rd board of FAECTOR:
Career Officer
Commercial Officer
Educational Officer
Marketing & IT Officer

The deadline to apply for a position within the 53rd board of FAECTOR has passed.