Career Officer

Career Officer of the 53rd board of FAECTOR

Throughout the year, FAECTOR organises a lot of different social, career and educational events for its members. By offering career events for our students, we want to build a bridge between students looking for an internship or a job and companies looking for interns and employees.

To be able to connect these two groups, we organise various events in order to acquaint students with many possibilities after their studies. By hosting large events such as the Econometric Career Days or the Quantitative Finance Tour and smaller events such as Inhouse Days, a Company Dinner or Find Your Match, we try to offer our students a broad range of events.

As a Career Officer, it is your responsibility that these days are organised properly, which means that a lot of preparation prior to all these events is necessary as each event should be as tight as possible.

Furthermore, from this year onwards, the Career Officer will be partially responsible for the acquisition done for FAECTOR during the Summer. You will share this responsibility with the Commercial Officer. Next to that, supervising the External Committee, ECD Committee and QFT Committee will be some of your most timeconsuming tasks throughout the year.

Main tasks:

  • Supervising the Econometric Career Days Committee
  • Supervising the Quantitative Finance Tour Committee
  • Supervising the External Committee
  • Organising various career events, such as the inhouse days

Anke Clerx
Career Officer 52nd board of FAECTOR