Marketing & IT Officer

As the Marketing & IT Officer you play a central role within FAECTOR. Since all of FAECTOR’s projects need promotion you are involved with all of them. Especially for large events like the Econometric Career Days, the Business Trip, FAECTOR Research Project and ICansultancy it is essential that you are closely involved with their promotion. You are responsible for strategically using all available media outlets to promote FAECTOR and its activities. You constantly look for new promotion outlets and innovative ways to use existing ones.

Your board year starts with all the preparations for the most important promotion period for FAECTOR of the year: the first few weeks of lectures and the Eurekaweek. There will be a lot of new students and they all need to get to know everything FAECTOR has to offer for them. This takes some preparation time during your summer.

During the whole year you have your Marketing Committee by your side to carry out the designing of all promotional materials and help you brainstorm about new marketing ideas. This committee is also responsible for the annual Almanac. You also supervise the IT Committee, which helps you by carrying out the IT related tasks. As a supervisor of these committees you function as a project manager of many projects: ranging from short ones to ones that take all year.

Since you are responsible for our IT facilities you essentially keep FAECTOR’s heart beating during the day-to-day business. You also make the long term plans for our hardware and software and make sure FAECTOR’s IT facilities are ready for the future.

FAECTOR has a widely recognized professional image, both on campus and outside it. As a Marketing Officer you have the essential task to make sure this image will be kept in the long run. It is therefore important that you make FAECTOR visible on campus and that you maintain a good relationship with both the university and Erasmus School of Economics.

To be a good Marketing & IT Officer you do not need to have a lot of design or IT skills, but you do need to be enthusiastic, driven and be able to come up with creative ideas. As a Marketing & IT Officer you constantly have many different projects that are waiting for you. You will therefore have to plan well ahead and set priorities. Your all-round  involvement with both internal and external parties makes this position one of the most diverse and challenging ones and you will definitely not be bored for a single day!

From this year onwards this position is also open for international students who are able to understand and make themselves understood in Dutch.

Main tasks:

  • Maintaining and further spreading FAECTOR’s brand to students, companies and the university
  • Overseeing and planning the promotion of all projects and activities
  • Main contact person for external parties, like ESE and EUR, about marketing and co-branding
  • Supervising the Marketing Committee
  • Supervising the IT Committee
  • Responsible for FAECTOR’s IT situation, both software and hardware

Sian Tee
Marketing Officer 52nd board of FAECTOR