Treasurer of the 53rd board of FAECTOR

The Treasurer is in charge of all the association's financial activities, which is a very big and responsible task. In the beginning of the year, you will make the budget for the year together with your predecessor. This is already one of the most important decisions you will have to make during the year, as the budget has strong influence on the policy for the year. Throughout the year, you will be involved in all decisions and projects that involve money. Here you have an important role, as money is always a major factor in the decision making. You will be in close contact with the Treasurers of all the committees and all event and committee budgets must be critically assessed and approved by you first, and you will also regularly check them. Especially for big events like the Econometric Career Days and ICansultancy, it is important to closely monitor the finances. You will also be in charge of all the company contact when it comes to payment matters, and all the financial administration, which includes carefully administrating all payments in the bookkeeping program Exact, sending and keeping track of all invoices for our career events, filing the tax return, updating the budget and deciding to cut or increase certain budgets when necessary, of course in concertation with your fellow board members. 

The Treasurer also plays a role in the contact with several internal and external organs. Most importantly, all the contact with the Audit Committee (KasControle Commissie) goes via the Treasurer. The Audit Committee controls the work of the Treasurer and has to approve big expenditures. Furthermore, the Treasurer takes part in the board of the SAED, which is a fund that financially supports FAECTOR and will start providing grants to FAECTOR board members next year. Next to that, you are also the Treasurer of the Quantitative Finance Tour. Finally, together with the President, you check the budgets of the LOES, the LED, the LEST and the Interfaculty Rotterdam events. Especially with the LED Committee starting in January 2019, this will require a lot of your attention. 

Besides the financial tasks, the Treasurer is also in charge of the brand new FAECTOR Consultancy Project, which offers students the opportunity to become a consultant for non-profit organisations or small companies. Furthermore, the Treasurer is also the supervisor of the IntAct Committee and the Event Committee and therefore involved in the organisation of some of FAECTOR's biggest social events, like the Ski Trip and Active Members Weekend. Finally, the Treasurer is also in charge of the book sale in the beginning of each block. 

Main tasks:

  • Making and adjusting FAECTOR's budget
  • Controlling committee and event finances
  • Company contact for payment matters
  • Financial administration
  • Contact with the Audit Committee
  • Involvement in financial matters of SAED, LOES, Interfaculty and QFT
  • FAECTOR Consultancy Project
  • IntAct Committee
  • Event Committee
  • Book sale

Tobias Hoogteijling
Treasurer 52nd board of FAECTOR