Educational Officer

The Educational Officer has a multifunctional position within the board that cannot be missed. One of the essentials tasks is keeping in contact with the academic relations within the university and organising educational events, which include the Best Econometric Thesis Award (BETA), the Workshop Cycle, the Orientation Days, the Excellence Programme and the FAECTOR Research Project (FRP). The BETA is a thesis competition for Master students. The Workshop Cycle consists of a couple of workshops like a Bloomberg, Python and E-assessment workshop. During the Orientation Days each Master specialisation in Econometrics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam is covered with a presentation by a professor and a company in that specialisation. FAECTOR's Excellence Programme is a programme where excellent and highly motivated students get the opportunity to attend lectures, workshops, company visits and other educational activities to develop their academic and soft skills. The FRP gives students the possibility to do an internship for two months at a company and attend an international trip that is almost entirely paid for by the compensation of the internship. In the past, the FRP has visited various places in the world including Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town, Dubai, Tanzania, Tokyo, Bali, Shanghai, Singapore, Toronto and New York.

Furthermore, you are the contact person for the internationals: they can come to you for questions and you are the supervisor of the Freshmen Committee, consisting entirely out of first-year students of the Econometrics or BSc2 programme.

Jitte Dingenouts
Educational Officer 52nd board 2017-2018