IT & Marketing Officer

In an organisation like FAECTOR, an IT & Marketing Officer is a necessity. As the IT & Marketing Officer you will make a lot of friends in the board. Because, without any promotion there won’t exist an event like ECD or QFT. Furthermore, without the IT Officer and IT Committee there won’t exist a beautiful website like we have nowadays.  Moreover, this new website is a complete Information System with all students, alumni and many more. Without the IT Officer this would become a mesh. Specifically, responsibilities include management the NAS (shared file server), other websites related to FAECTOR, and all other hardware of FAECTOR.

While you will spend much time on IT project, the IT & Marketing Officer is also responsible for all tasks the Marketing Officer should perform. As the Marketing Officer you are responsible for all marketing – and media – related output of FAECTOR. A part of this are all the publications. First off, we have the Estimator: our online magazine concerning all FAECTOR-related events. Of course we also publish our yearly almanac!

Also, all marketing related processes are your task: designing marketing material are necessary for most of our events. Furthermore, as a Marketing Officer you will develop a long-term promotional, learn how to use several design programmes and keeping FAECTOR’s social media channels  up-to-date. Although a knack for graphic design comes in handy, one must not forget that you have to guide the biggest amount of active members which is quite a time consuming task. If creativity is one of your strong suits, this position might be just what you are looking for!