Marketing Officer

In an organisation like FAECTOR, a Marketing Officer is a necessity. As the Marketing Officer you will make a lot of friends in the board. Because, without any promotion there won’t exist any events like the Econometric Career Days, City Trip or After Exam drink. 

As the Marketing Officer you are responsible for all marketing – and media – related output of FAECTOR. A part of this are all the publications. First off, we have the Estimator: our online magazine concerning all FAECTOR-related events. Of course we also publish our yearly almanac!

Also, all marketing related processes are your task: designing marketing material are necessary for most of our events. Furthermore, as a Marketing Officer you will develop a long-term promotional, learn how to use several design programmes and keeping FAECTOR’s social media channels  up-to-date. Although a knack for graphic design comes in handy, one must not forget that you have to guide the biggest amount of active members which is quite a time consuming task. If creativity is one of your strong suits, this position might be just what you are looking for!

Sian Tee
Marketing Officer 52nd board 2017-2018