As president of FAECTOR you are chiefly responsible for the general well-being of the association. You are the one who guides this organisation with over 1600 members into a direction that will make the association prosper even more. Furthermore, it is your task to maintain the professional image of FAECTOR towards both external and internal parties. These external parties include the faculty (the ESE), the university, other study associations in Rotterdam, other econometric study associations in The Netherlands and last but not least; companies. Internally, you are the main representative of the association, together with the secretary.

Aside from these functions, it is also your task to make sure the whole board functions perfectly: you chair every board meeting and make sure everything goes according to plan. The president is the designated person to watch over the long-term goals of the association: you are responsible for making sure that FAECTOR stays the leading econometric study association in the Netherlands.

All in all, this function is as challenging as it is rewarding, but it also demands a lot of dedication and hard work. In the end however, it is totally worth it and you will get a lot of energy from working in a motivated and close group of friends like the FAECTOR board!

Thomas Michelotti
President 52nd board 2017-2018