Secretary & IT Officer

The function of  secretary is a multi-faceted function within the board. Officially, the secretary is the first to follow the president within the hierarchy of the board; and an indispensable asset to the board. You are responsible for the planning and promotion of activities. Another chief task of the secretary is that you are the first link between the association and the committee members; you are the most important connection to the members. Besides, the secretary is guiding the wild yet cozy Eerstejaarscommissie with whom you will organise a wide range of activities.

Another prime task of the secretary is handling all the incoming and outcoming information: be it postal, per e-mail, on social media, the site and managing the member database. This also includes alumni and contributors. As a secretary, you will take place in the board of the alumni association, called RECNET, where you will help with the organisation of alumni drinks and activities and you will manage the RECNET LinkedIn group.

All in all, the secretary is the appointed peoples person within the board: you have contact with all members of FAECTOR and thus have an important representative function.

Maurits de Bruijn
Secretary & IT Officer 52nd board 2017-2018