Activities Committee

The Activities Committee is there to ensure that some great social events FAECTOR has to offer will be organised smoothly and properly. The biggest events the Activities Committee will focus on are the yearly FAECTOR City Trip and the End-of-the-Year Party.  Last destinations of the legendary City Trip were Bucharest, Budapest, Dublin and Berlin. Together with your committee, you decide where we go next!

Next to these big events the Activities Committee also has the chance to think about new and exciting events or activities to organise. The Jazzy Dinner of last year can be seen as a great example of this.

The Activities Committee 2016-2017 consists of the following FAECTOR members:

  • Eric van Engelen (Chairman)
  • Michael Darmoutomo
  • Charlotte van der Heide
  • Carolijn de Kok
  • Sophia Vogel
  • Jeroen van Dijk (Supervisor from the Board)