Econometric Career Days (ECD) Committee

Applications for this committee are now open. You can sign up here until the 26th of January!

Do you want to organise the biggest on-campus career event for econometricians in the Netherlands? The Econometric Career Days connects highly motivated Econometrics & Operations Research students with prestigious companies. Last November, we had 30 different companies participating in the Econometric Career Days and it is getting bigger and more prestigious every year. Do you think you can beat this year’s Econometric Career Days? Then the Econometric Career Days committee might be something for you! Hereby the different options that are open for this committee:

  • Chairman: The chairman is responsible for the general well-being of the Econometric Career Days and the committee. He or she is the one leading the weekly meetings and will also be in contact with the supervisor from the board.
  • Secretary: The secretary is the connection between the students and the Econometric Career Days and handles all questions coming in from other parties.
  • Treasurer: The treasurer is responsible for making and managing the budget for the next Econometric Career Days.
  • External Officer (x2): This position gives you the opportunity to get in contact with a lot of prestigious companies and great speakers, as it is your responsibility that they participate in the Econometric Career Days next November.
  • Marketing Officer: This position allows you to design all the promotion material which is necessary for the promotion of this big event. Thereby, you are the one maintaining the good image of the Econometric Career Days to all students of the Erasmus University.
  • Day Coordinator (x2): As a day coordinator you have to make sure that the next Econometric Career Days will run smoothly. 

When the interviews for the Econometric Career Days Committee are done, we will allocate the different positions over the five selected committee members based on your preferences and your qualities.

We are looking for students in their Bachelor 2, Bachelor 3, Bachelor 4, pre-Master or Master study phase who are very driven, motivated and social. Besides that, we like to see that you have affinity with the business community and companies in relevant econometric fields. Moreover, you need to have excellent communication skills, since you’ll constantly be in contact with your committee, the board and many other involved parties.

Apply here for the Econometric Career Days Committee 2018!