Every year a group of first year students steps up to the plate and vouches for a place in the Eerstejaarscommissie - an important committee that carries a lot of responsibility. These first year students are going to organise social events that create memories lasting for a lifetime.

Last year the Eerstejaarscommissie organised a wide spectrum of activities, varying from a pub quiz to paintball. Besides activities during the year, you also get to organise the introduction camp for Dutch students: PINKWIN!

By joining this committee, you come in contact with all first year students as well as students from higher years. Apart from getting to know lots of new people, you also learn various skills that you do not learn by just going to your lectures.

The Eerstejaarscommissie 2017-2018 consists of the following students:

  • Lieke Klinkenberg (Chairman)
  • Anniek Kramer
  • Colin Groen
  • David Boekestijn
  • Ivo Verkaaik
  • Nana Lange
  • Samira Floorijp
  • Sanne de Jonge
  • Maurits de Bruijn (Supervisor from the board)