Every year a group of first year students steps up to the plate and vouches for a place in the Eerstejaarscommissie - an important committee that carries a lot of responsibility. These first-year students will have to organise social events that create memories lasting for a lifetime.

Last year the Eerstejaarscommissie organised activities  ranging from a beerpong tournament till paintball. Besides activities during the year, you also have the opportunity to organize the next Introduction camp for Dutch students: PINKWIN!
This wonderful opportunity will let you come in contact with all first-year students as well as students from higher years. Besides that, it creates wonderful memories.

The Eerstejaarscommissie 2016-2017 consists of the following FAECTOR members:

  • Rosa ten Kate (Chairwoman)
  • Sanne Bakker
  • Hiro French
  • Ron Hochstenbach
  • Eric Koot
  • Maarten de Ruiter
  • Wouter Hustinx (Supervisor from the Board)