Estimator Committee

Applications for this committee are now open. You can sign up here until the 26th of January!

As a member of the Estimator Committee you will be responsible for one of the most important media outlets of FAECTOR. The Estimator writes articles for all FAECTOR members that are both informative and entertaining. As a committee member it’s your responsibility to constantly look out for interesting topics and to brainstorm about the goals and future of the Estimator in general.

The challenge for the next Estimator Committee is to come up with new creative ways to introduce our readers to many relevant topics. This way, an Estimator Committee member is involved with many facets of FAECTOR and econometrics in general. You will get a lot of freedom and responsibility to implement your own ideas and get the chance to contact and meet interesting companies and fascinating (famous) people. By joining this committee you will develop your writing skills, meet unique people and get in contact with lots of interesting topics.

We are looking for creative students with a broad interest who love to write and constantly come up with innovative ideas.