Freshmen Committee

For the International Econometrics and BSc2 students we offer a sparkling committee: the Freshmen Committee. The members of this committee will organise many social events - some for the new international students and others for all FAECTOR members. 

In the past, these events have ranged from a Laser Tag to a trip to Amsterdam. The year will be topped off with organising the amazing introduction weekend PENGUIN! Being a Freshmen Committee member means that you will meet a lot of people and make friends for a lifetime. 

The Freshmen Committee 2017-2018 consists of the following students:

  • Veronika Soloveva (Chairman)
  • Jeroen de Groot
  • Jody Lesterhuis
  • Laura Zwiers
  • Louis Lacombe
  • Luca Zampierin
  • Nikki Meekma
  • Olivier Wollaert
  • Jitte Dingenouts (Supervisor from the board)

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