FAECTOR Research Project (FRP) Committee 2018-2019

Applications for this committee are now open. You can sign up here until the 26th of January!

The FAECTOR Research Project (FRP) is the most exciting international study trip that has been a longstanding event organised by FAECTOR. This trip (actually more of a journey) is focused on ambitious third-year students of Econometrics and fourth-year students of BSc2 that are interested in widening and enriching the perspective of their study. The FAECTOR Research Project consists of two parts: an internship and a study trip. Find more information about the project itself here

As a FRP committee member, you will start with acquisition to convince companies that they should participate in the FAECTOR Research Project. After arranging the internships, you will interview the FRP applicants and decide who will be accepted for the project. Next, you will link the participants to the participating companies. One big advantage of being a FRP committee member is that you have priority over the regular FRP participants when linking students to companies. This means that you can choose which company you would like to work for. Another advantage is that, together with your committee, you can choose the destination of the study trip that will take place in August 2019. 

During your internship you will be a Buddy of a small group of FRP participants to check how they are doing at their company and whether they get the help they need from their supervisors. At FAECTOR's New Year's Drink in week 1 of block 3, you will reveal the destination of the FRP. Between January and August you will continue organising the rest of the study trip. 

As a member of the FAECTOR Research Project committee you will develop yourself in various ways. By arranging internships for the participants you will gain acquisition skills and by planning the study trip you will improve your organisational skills. Besides, you will do an internship at a company and top off your hard work with one of the best trips of your life!

We are looking for students who are in the second year of their Bachelor Econometrie/Econometrics or in the third year of the BSc2 programme. A FAECTOR Research Project committee member should be motivated, fluent in Dutch, well organised and willing to put a lot of time and effort in their work. The committee will consist of four students, a chairman and three members. 

Apply here for the FAECTOR Research Project committee 2018-2019!