IntAct Committee

Being an Active Member gives you access to the most exclusive and memorable events FAECTOR has to offer, such as the Active Members Day, Hitchhiking Competition and Active Members Weekend. Spectacular as they are, those activities need an extraordinary committee to ensure that they are planned to perfection: the IntAct Committee.

Apart from the aforementioned activities, the IntAct Committee organises FAECTOR’s Committee Battles every year. Here, all the other committees join the brutal fight for the victory of this battle and the eternal fame that comes with it. Next to this, the IntAct Committee is free to set up other spontaneous activities for our Active Members throughout the year.

Last but not least, the IntAct Committee gets to organise the Eurekaweek. This prestigious event is very important for the association, since it’s the first contact that the first year students have with FAECTOR. This is the last event you’ll organise this year and it surely is one to end the year with a bang!

The Internal Activities Committee 2017-2018 consists of the following students:

  • Daan van Regteren (Chairman)
  • Dave Warsito
  • Martijn van Erp
  • Meiyee Chow
  • Sanne Bakker
  • Maurits de Bruijn (Supervisor from the board)