Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee has two big tasks: publishing the  annual almanac and being responsible for the promotion and design of events, activities, merchandise and other desktoppublishing content of FAECTOR.

Within the Marketing Committee you will have the Almanac Officer, which will be in charge of the whole process of designing and writing an almanac together with your committee. This allows the chairman of the Marketing Committee to have more time on their hands to focus on their other task: the promotion and publishing of content, such as printed matter, social media, campus presence, thinking about new merchandise and gadgets and designing banners, flyers, posters, folders or even this booklet. Both of the tasks will be done with your whole committee and together with the Marketing Officer.

This Marketing Committee consists of the following FAECTOR members:

  • Sophia Hummelman (Chairwoman)
  • Ankie An
  • Meiyee Chow
  • Martijn van Erp
  • Daan van Regteren
  • Mateusz Galle (Supervisor from the Board)