Sport Committee

Sportsperson? Read on. Not a sportsperson? Read on anyways– this committee has so much more to offer than just sports.

As a member of FAECTOR’s brand new Sport Committee you will have the unique opportunity to organise the Landelijke Econometristen Sport Toernooi (LEST) 2016 and the Ski-trip 2017.

The LEST is a sports tournament in which teams from econometrics study associations from all over the Netherlands will get the chance to compete for national victory. In the past, this has mostly been realised as a football tournament – what it will look like next year, however, is entirely up to you. As a committee member, you not only have to consider the set-up and organisation of the tournament, but are also in charge of contacting companies in order to find sponsors for this national event. Sounds good to you? Then you should use this chance now – FAECTOR only has the opportunity to host the LEST once every five years!

But that’s not all: After the huge demand for this year’s first-ever Ski-trip, there will be a second edition – and you will be the one to decide about its destination and everything else around it: from finding sponsors to looking into après-ski. 

Even if you are not really into sports, this committee will help you improve both your organisational and your networking skills – and who knows, you might even find your hidden sporty talent…

The Sport Committee  is open to all students and will consist of 4 members; in specific we will be looking for a chair(wo)man, secretary/day coordinator, treasurer/day coordinator, external affairs officer and a marketing officer/day coordinator.

The Sport Committee consists of the following FAECTOR members:

  • Livia Kempkens (Chairman)
  • Wouter van Goudoever
  • Lotte van der Linden
  • Jeroen van Dijk (Supervisor from the Board)