• Deadline βETA

  • Committee Interest Drink II

    Missed the first Committee Interest Drink of the year? Or do you want more information about some committees that suit your interest? Come join the second Committee Interest Drink!

  • Second Years Day

    On Tuesday the 6th of September it's time for the yearly Second Years Day!

  • Freshmenday

    Every year we organise a great event only for the new first-year students to get to know each other. The Freshmen Day takes place in the beginning of the new academic year. You will have the chance to show off your bowling skills and afterwards we will have dinner together. Participating in the Freshmen Day is free!

  • Eerstejaarsdag

    Every year we organise a great event for just the new first-year students to get to know each other. The Eerstejaarsdag will take place in the beginning of the academic year, prior to the first Social Drink of FAECTOR. You will have the chance to show of your bowling skills and we will have dinner together. Afterwards, most of us will go to the Social Drink at Concordia. Participation for the Eerstejaarsdag is always free!

  • Social Drink

    The very first legendary Social Drink of this year is almost there! On the 8th of September FAECTOR organises this drink with the famous, ridiculously low price of 50 cents for all drinks (beer, wine, soda). Some of you will come directly after the Eerstejaarsdag that is earlier on this day, however also non-first year students are welcome to the drink of course. Let's drink!

  • Committee Application Deadline

    After having successfully organised a second Committee Interest drink, the applications for the committees are opened! Do not hesitate any longer and send us your motivation letter and curriculum vitae here. When there are still some unanswered questions, please send an e-mail to Applying for one of FAECTOR’s committees will be something you will not regret!

  • Pre-Master Drink

    While the Dutch summer is slowly ending, the first week of studying is already finished! As it may be useful to get to know each other somewhat better, FAECTOR organizes a pre-master drink at the the Erasmus Paviljoen on the 12th of September from 5 till 7 PM. As the summer holiday probably had a negative effect on your bank account all drinks will be on us! We are looking forward seeing all of you.

  • Inhouse day Accenture

    *This message concerns the Inhouseday of Accenture. This message is in Dutch, because the Inhouse day will also be in Dutch. In case of any questions, you can send an e-mail to*

  • Sushi Workshop

    On the 21st of September, FAECTOR is organising an event exclusively for Master students! This will be a great opportunity to get to know each other, while learning how to make sushi. Of course you get to eat your own creations during the workshop.

  • FAECTOR Opening party

    The academic year has really started, which probably means that you know your SIN-online timetable by heart, you are a frequent Blackboard visitor and the Polak building feels like a second home. Are you ready for a break?

  • FAECTOR Trading Challenge

    Trading Challenge at Flow Traders (Wednesday the 28th of September) - Application Deadline is on Sunday the 25th of September (23:59)!

  • Landelijk Econometristen Sport Toernooi

  • Ouderdag

  • Inhouseday Allianz

    *This message concerns the Inhouseday of Allianz. This message is in Dutch, because the inhouse day will also be in Dutch. In case of any questions, you can send an e-mail to*

  • Paintball

    The time has come to settle all arguments and disagreements between you and your friends once and for all. Reserve the evening of the 6th of October for "FAECTOR's Paintball Battle of the Century". Go Rambo or American Sniper style and show everybody what you are made of, since bruises are not scarce. Prepare yourself for great fun, epic duels and to be soaked with paint for only €7,50. This will include participation and 150 balls. We'll gather at Paintball Rotterdam, which is nearby the Kralingse Plas, at 19:00. Only a limited amount of places is available so don't hesitate too long! If you have any questions, send them to and we'll try answer them as soon as possible.

  • IMC Trading Experience


    ** NOTE: This event is in Dutch because the event is for Dutch speaking students only**

  • Almanac Drink

    The A is for Almanac; one of the largest publications that FAECTOR is rich
    The B is for Brand New; get your brand new copy of the Almanac at this drink
    The C is for Concordia; the place where it is all going down
    The D is for Drink; as with all After Exam drinks: beer, wine and soda are 50 cents.

    On the 27th of October, during the second After Exam drink of the year, it is the moment we have all been waiting for; the Almanac Drink! During this special drink you are able to get one of the few copies and get a personal message of the Marketing Committee in your Almanac, together with a special gift. The theme of the Almanac will be announced at the beginning of the drink, so do not hesitate, click 'Going' and be there or be square!

    Please note: This drink is a private event for FAECTOR members only.

  • Beer Cantus

    Now that all the exams are finished and everyone can pick up their social lives again, it’s time for a party! On the 2nd of November, we will all gather in our lederhosen and dirndls for an (un)forgettable Beer Cantus. On this night, you can drink and sing all your worries away. Since we’ve only got a limited amount of tickets, you’ll need to subscribe quickly. The ticket sale will start on Monday the 24th of October, from 15:51 onwards. The first 51 subscribers will get a free tankard of beer (bierpul) , so don’t miss out on your chance to drink your beer like a real German!

  • Eerstejaars Freshmen Drink & Game Night

    Come, play and conquer! Fellow aspiring econometricians, The time has finally come to break down the walls and mingle with all of your fellow first years, both Dutch and International students are cordially invited!

  • Econometric Career Days

    The Econometric Career Days (ECD) is the biggest on-campus career event for econometricians in the Netherlands. The event will take place from the 7th until the 14th of November at the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) and will be organised by FAECTOR. The purpose of the ECD is to connect highly motivated Econometrics & Operations Research students with potential employers.  During the grand opening of the ECD the Best Econometric Thesis Award (βETA) will be handed out to the best Bachelor and Master theses. The activities of the ECD range from cases, workshops and off-campus activities to socials drinks and company dinners. The ECD is topped off with a closing party and is open for all students with a quantitative background. For more info check our website:

  • PhD Interest Lunch

    Are you a third year Bachelor's student or a Master's student and do you want to learn more about a PhD? Join us at the PhD Interest Lunch on Friday the 18th of November from 13.00-14.30 h in H12-30! PhD positions at Erasmus School of Economics are available at the Tinbergen Institute (TI) and the Erasmus Research Institute of Management (ERIM). FAECTOR organises a special information lunch to inform you about the possibilities of doing a PhD at Erasmus.

  • FAECTOR Goes Freestyle

    Have you ever felt the desire to jump higher than the highest clouds? Well, here's your chance!

  • Exchange / FAECTOR Research Project Information session

    Not sure whether you want to do an internship (FRP) or an exchange and do you want to learn more about the options? We invite all second year Econometrie/Econometrics and third year BSc2 students to the Exchange/FAECTOR Research Project (FRP) information session on Wednesday the 23rd of November from 11:00 till 12:30. During this session practical information about Exchange and the FAECTOR Research Project will be discussed, and a student will tell about his own experience. After the presentations there will be plenty of time to ask questions to the Exchange coordinator or the organisers of this year's FRP.

  • Committee Interest Drink

    Join the first Committee Interest Drink of the committees in January!

  • Inhousedag Lynxx

    The 29th of November we will visit the office of Lynxx! This event is only accesible for Dutchspeaking students. Below you can find some extra information about Lynxx.

  • Interfaculty Comedy Experience

    Are you longing for a moment when you can forget about your demanding study-life? Do you want to be able to relax and not think about stressful exams or assignments? Laugh a little more! After all, laughter is good for your health and is proven to lower your overall level of stress. A good laughter even releases endorphins into your brain!

  • Pool Tournament

    Are you ready for a break of studying and do you want to let out your Frustration in a competitive tournament? We have planned the perfect evening for you. Play pool against other FAECTOR members and win an amazing prize! It is the night you have been waiting for, show all your trick shots, talk to your friends, meet new people or just enjoy some drinks. Sign up now with your teammate or if you like surprises, you can sign up alone and maybe the best pool player of all is waiting for you. The costs for this event are 6 euros, with 2 drinks included.

  • Classy Dinner

    By now, your hangover of the Beer Cantus should be cured. So, grab yourself together and collect your finest set of neat clothes; Classy Dinner is coming! On Thursday the 1st of December we organise a fancy three course meal. During the dinner, the silly jokes and chatter of your tablemates will be accompanied by some delightful live piano music.

  • Ice Skating

    One thing that can't miss from your winter is ice-skating! We'll only have to endure a couple more weeks before our first holidat has finally arrived. And obviously, it is way too short. But don't be sad, because you van now sign up for ice-skating the 3d of January at 19.00 h and hence prolong your holiday for a bit.

  • Pub Quiz

    As the exams take place, Christmas comes closer and we almost finish 2016 it’s already time to reserve the 5th of January in your agenda. On that date FAECTOR will celebrate the beginning of 2017 with the third After Exam drink.

  • New Years Drink

    As the exams take place, Christmas comes closer and we almost finish 2016 it’s already time to reserve the 5th of January in your agenda. On that date FAECTOR will celebrate the beginning of 2017 with the third After Exam drink.

  • Excellence Programme

    Are you a bachelor student (second year or higher) and do you want to broaden your knowledge besides your studies? Then the Excellence Programme might be something for you!  

  • Committee Interest Drink

    Missed the last Committee Interest Drink? Or do you want more information about some committees that suit your interest? Come join the next Committee Interest Drink!

  • Job Application Training

    On the 10th of January, FAECTOR will organise a training on how to optimally prepare yourself for a job interview! The training will be given by representatives of Vye Professionals, experts on quantitative recruitment. If there is anyone who knows how the process works, it's them.

  • Business Trip Information Session

  • Ski Trip

    Last year’s ski trip was such a success that this year’s Sport Committee is in charge to organise a second FAECTOR Ski Trip. We ensured an even better location and await a lot of subscriptions.

  • Interfaculty Gala

    Do you wish to dive into your own fairy-tale land and live happily ever after? Find your prince charming and ask your princess for a dance at the Interfaculty Fairy-tale Gala on the 19th of January in Eethiek Rotterdam! Dance the night away even after the clock strikes twelve and enjoy the unlimited drinks. Clear out your schedule to feel like a hero instead of a frog for one night and we will see you there in your most handsome attire!

  • Find Your Match

    Find Your Match (FYM) is the yearly speed date event organised by FAECTOR and will take place in the afternoon on Tuesday the 24th of January 2017. During this event companies come to the Faculty Club looking for new interns and starters.

  • QED

    Are you interested in having a slightly (or much) deeper insight in Matrix Algebra? Then the weekly QED meetings, led by Dr.J.Brinkhuis and L. van Vianen, each Wednesday 15.00-16.00 in T3-02 from 18-01 until 15-02, might be something for you.  A fresh coordinate-free view will be offered. Powerful concepts will be introduced and used.  Lecture notes have just been written, especially for students in Econometrics.  In order to master the new techniques yourself, there are exercises in these notes. One of our aims is to make a text with solutions of the exercises. After the formal part of the program, which is meant for all interested, you can choose to participate in the informal discussions after 16.00.

  • Casino Night

    It is time for you to dust off your card-counting and poker face techniques: the 26th of February Concordia will be transformed into a classy casino! Trick your friends out of their life-savings (or whatever is left of their stufi) at the poker table. Make our very own treasurer go bankrupt in a high-stakes game of Blackjack. Or even try your dumb luck in a special version of roulette.

  • Business Trip Application Deadline

    The trip will take place from Monday the 24 th of April until Saturday the 29 th of April, during the study-free week between block 4 and 5. Subscriptions for the Business Trip will open on Monday the 2nd of January, and the selection procedure will be based on your CV and motivation letter. The costs of participating in the trip will be €325,-.

  • Subscriptions City Trip open

    Dear legendary FAECTORians,

  • Escape Room

    Do you see Polak even while you are asleep? Are you making too many calculation mistakes and can’t get anything into your head? Do you feel like you need an adventure? Then put your books to the side for an hour, take your friend and join us for the Exit Game!

  • Landelijke Econometristendag (LED)

  • HALV

  • Orientation Day - Business Analytics and Quantitative Marketing - De Belastingdienst

    Are you a dutch-speaking second-year student or higher and still wondering which major or Master you should choose? Each year FAECTOR organises the Orientation Days. The Orientation Days are a great way to learn more about the different fields of Econometrics & Operations Research and to help you later on when you have to choose which major or Master specialisation you are going to do. It is also a great way to get in touch with the participating companies.

  • After Exam Drink

    Tired of studying in Polak or at home? Already looking forward to the end of the exams? Then stop dreaming, because the next legendary After Exam Drink of this year is almost there! On the 2nd of March FAECTOR organises this drink again where you can have a laugh and a drink with your fellow FAECTORians and celebrate the end of another block.

  • Active Members Weekend

  • Darts Tournament

    Are you feeling satisfied about your past exams and do you want to celebrate this playing an amazing game? Or do you want to let out your frustration in a fierce battle? Then this is your evening.

  • FRP Interest Drink

    Are you interested in combining an internship with a study trip? Then come to the FAECTOR Research Project interest drink! Here you will have the possibility to ask all your questions to the committee and to former FRP participants.

  • Roland Berger Dinner

    This message concerns ICansultancy. This message is in Dutch, because the dinner will also be in Dutch. In case of any questions, you can send an e-mail to or

  • EFI Pub Crawl

    Crawl till you fall? Or conquer them all? Join your fellow freshmen, both international and Dutch on the 21st of March for the most amazing pub crawl. The second Eerstejaars & Freshmen Integration Day is a great way to connect with students from all over the world while enjoying a cold beer or some hot shots!

  • City Trip

    Dear legendary FAECTORians,

  • Subscriptions FAECTOR Research Project

    Do you want to experience econometrics in action? Do you want to explore the world? Do you want to build a worldwide network? Then join the FAECTOR Research Project! You will apply the skills and knowledge you gained from your study during an 8 week internship. We will find a company that suits you and you can substitute your minor with the credits you get for the internship. During the summer after the internship you will join us on a study trip that will visit multiple countries around the globe! You will meet interesting companies, visit the best universities, explore vibrant cultures and enjoy the local nightlife.

  • Movie Night

    Come and join us for a comfortable movie night with your friends! The perfect opportunity to relax during the stresful term. We will watch a new movie that was nominated for a few oscars. For just five euro you get to eat popcorn while watching an exciting movie you have not seen before. It will be entertaining for both guys and girls! 

  • Orientation Day - Operations Research and Quantitative Logistics

    Are you a second-year student or higher and still wondering which major or Master you should choose? Each year FAECTOR organises the Orientation Days. The Orientation Days are a great way to learn more about the different fields of Econometrics & Operations Research and to help you later on when you have to choose which major or Master specialisation you are going to do. It is also a great way to get in touch with the participating companies.

  • Excelsior Studenten Cup

  • FAECTOR Consultancy Dinner met Capgemini, Milliman en PwC

    *This message concerns the FAECTOR Consultancy Dinner. As the main language during the dinner will be Dutch, this message is also written in Dutch. In case of any questions, please send an email to*

  • Excelsior - FC Utrecht

    Do you think our amazing football club in Kralingen needs some support to maintain its place in the Dutch Eredivisie? And do you want to enjoy an exciting football match? Then this is your evening.

  • Dies Natalis

  • Erasmus Charity Run

  • Board Interest Drink

    A board year is a year full of organising and attending events, but also a lot of setting up systems and building the frames for the future of FAECTOR. A long and exhausting year full of memorable and fun moments.

  • Business Trip

    As you have probably already guessed by looking at the picture, the very first Business Trip will take place in Vienna, the City of Music!

  • Poker Tournament with Optiver

    Curious how it feels to Poker with the best? On the 2nd of May, you get the opportunity to poker with ex-professional poker players that work at Optiver! Can you beat Optiver’s traders?

  • After Exam Drink & X-FAECTOR Karaoke

  • E-Assessment Training

    When you apply for a job or an internship it is not uncommon that you have to make an E-assessment as part of the selection procedure. E-assessments are used to give a general idea of the applicant's ability to process and interpret information. To prepare yourself for an E-assessment, Careerstarters has designed a one-day training that discusses the most important elements (Logic, Verbal and Numerical reasoning). During the training that FAECTOR offers in cooperation with Careerstarters E-assessments in general will be discussed, together with the part "logical reasoning - figure sequences". Interested? Subscribe now

  • Beer Tasting

    What is a better way to start your new study block than with a beer tasting. Come and join us on the 9th of May at the Markthal! We will taste multiple beers and have some snacks in between. So if you want to taste some of the best specialty beers you had, sign up for our beer tasting!

  • Orientation Day - Quantitative Finance

    Are you a second-year student or higher and still wondering which major or Master you should choose? Each year FAECTOR organises the Orientation Days. The Orientation Days are a great way to learn more about the different fields of Econometrics & Operations Research and to help you later on when you have to choose which major or Master specialisation you are going to do. It is also a great way to get in touch with the participating companies.

  • Board Announcement Drink

  • Interfaculty Party

    Do you want to dance the night away and forget your study for a moment? Then come by and enjoy the legendary Interfaculty Party! On Thursday May 18th this party will take place from 22:00 till 04:00 in NORA Rotterdam. Visit this party in your festive outfit!

  • Soccer Tournament

    Great news for all football lovers and supporters, the annual FAECTOR soccer tournament is there! On Tuesday the 23rd of May your team can fight to become the best soccer team of FAECTOR! The tournament will start at 14.00h on the fields of Antibarbari. We will close the day with a delicious barbecue and some beers. So gather your friends, make a team of 8 till 10 players, come up with a awesome team name and subscribe! We will have two poules, a professional one and a recreational one. If you don’t feel like soccer is your talent, but you still want to have a great day outside and drink a beer with us, you can also join just for the barbecue. The costs of joining the soccer tournament will be 5 euros per person and the costs of the barbecue will be 7,50 per person. The terms and conditions can be found by clicking here. See you then!

  • Beer Pong Tournament

    Are you ready to show you're a FAECTORIAN that can't be beaten? To show that all those hours of training weren't for nothing? Do you think you have what it takes and have you finally found someone with the same qualities as you? Well, then sign up for the beer pong tournament!


    As the year is nearing its end, we would like to invite all (nearly graduated) master students and recent graduates (2016/2017) to join us at our new event, the pre-RECNET (PRECNET) barbecue, on the 2nd of June. The event will take place at MEAT Rotterdam (Haringvliet 635), where we will have our private section on the restaurant's terrace. In case of bad weather, the barbecue will take place inside. The barbecue will set you back €7,50 and will include two drinks and several bites.

  • Dutch Data Science Week - Eneco

    Unique opportunity to work with Eneco's data during this one day hackathon!

  • Dutch Data Science Week - Gemeente Amsterdam

    Unique opportunity to work with Amsterdam's (open) data during this one day hackathon!

  • Dutch Data Science Week - KNVB

    Unique opportunity to work with KNVB's data during this one day hackathon!

  • Third Years Day

    Are you a third (or fourth) years bachelor student and looking for an escape from your thesis? The 8th of June is the Third Years Day! You will enjoy a free wine tasting to relax during the stressful thesis period. During the wine tasting you will enjoy 8 glasses accompanied by three small bites. 

  • End of the Year Party

    Another year passed and it’s time to celebrate. The Activities Committee is presenting you the End of the Year Party!

  • Almanac Drink

    Did you see the Marketing Committee unusually late at the office last month? Did it seem that there suddenly was a secret you didn't know about? Or perhaps you spotted the bottles of champagne during the Interfaculty Party? This all revolved around one thing: the FAECTOR Almanac of this year!

  • FAECTOR Research Project

    This summer 14 FAECTOR members will visit Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. This unforgettable trip is part of the FAECTOR Research Project. 

  • Introduction Camp PINKWIN

    Dit is mogelijk tijdens een van de mooiste evenementen van je studententijd, waarbij je vriendschappen maakt die je je hele studententijd zal onderhouden, PINKWIN. In deze 3 fantastische dagen leer je onder andere de stad Rotterdam kennen, zodat je alvast het broodnodige leert kennen over jouw toekomstige mooie studentenstad. Het draait niet alleen om de stad leren kennen, maar PINKWIN draait vooral om het maken van vriendschappen, die je je hele studententijd onderhoud. Het is ook fijn om bekende gezichten te zien tijdens de eerste collegeweken.

  • Introduction Camp PENGUIN

  • Landelijke Econometristen Sport Toernooi

    On September the 27th, the LEST, the National Econometricians Sports Tournament will take place, a big sports competition between the 6 econometrics study associations of the Netherlands. You can join either the Competitive Football Tournament, the Recreational Football Tournament or the Sports & Games Pentathlon, consisting of tampon hockey, human table football, dodgeball, laser tag and a secret activity. Afterwards, there will be a dinner and a party in the city centre of Utrecht. If you want, you can also stay for a sleepover in a hostel.

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