Landelijke Econometristen Sport Toernooi

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Location: Utrecht
Date: 27 September 2017 10:30  -   23:59   hour
Landelijke Econometristen Sport Toernooi

On September the 27th, the LEST, the National Econometricians Sports Tournament will take place, a big sports competition between the 6 econometrics study associations of the Netherlands. You can join either the Competitive Football Tournament, the Recreational Football Tournament or the Sports & Games Pentathlon, consisting of tampon hockey, human table football, dodgeball, laser tag and an escape room! Afterwards, there will be a dinner and a party in the city centre of Utrecht. If you want, you can also stay for a sleepover in a hostel. Will you join FAECTOR's many participants at this day of both sports and partying?

The Competitive Tournament is played in teams of 7-9 players, the Recreational Tournament in teams of at least 7 players and the Sports & Games Pentathlon in teams of at least 5 players. Everybody who wants to participate has to sign up individually. If you want to sign up as a team, you can indicate the names of your team mates on the subscription form. You can also sign up alone or with part of a team, and we will form the teams for you. Note that we cannot guarantee participation in this case. The deadline for signing up is 18 September 23:59. Participation costs €7,50 (€5,00 if you are under 18 years old) and sleeping costs are €7,50. Unfortunately, you can only go to the party and hence also only book a sleep-over if you are at least 18 years old. You can find the subscription form here