First Years Pub Crawl

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Location: Starts at Eetcafé Concordia
Date: 21 November 2017 18:30  -   23:30   hour
First Years Pub Crawl

Dear Freshman! After two months of studying and maybe living in Rotterdam, it is safe to say that you are becoming a real Rotterdammer. But do you already know all the places to be at night? If you were too busy studying and didn’t find enough time to discover the nightlife of Rotterdam (or have only been to the Skihut and Concordia yet), then the Freshmen Committee and Eerstejaarscommissie offer you the perfect night out on November 21!

During the night you will not only discover new places, but also meet lots of new people. You might already know everyone of your study, but have you ever met the students who do the same study, only in a different language? Not yet? Time to change that!

For only 10 euros we will offer you a pub crawl you will never forget!
Een goede bodem leggen is of course very important, so we will start our night at Concordia, where you will get a burger and a drink.
After dinner we will move to the city center where our journey through the pubs of Rotterdam will begin. At every bar we have arranged a special offer for you, like free shots or free beer, so you don’t have to worry you will end this night sober.

We will all end the pub crawl at the ESN party in VIP room, where you have the opportunity to meet even more freshmen and share your stories of the evening.
Still not tired? Then dance the night away with us and all the international students of Rotterdam!

We hope to see you all there!


  • The subscriptions open on November 10 at exactly 16:52, so save the date and be quick if you don’t want to miss this night!  

  • During the night we will be visiting the pubs in smaller groups, therefore you may indicate one person you would like to see in your group in the subscription form. Please make sure that your friend fills in your name as well and we will try our best to put you together.

  • Unfortunately this event is open only for 18 plus. So do not forget to bring your ID!

  • At some of the bars we go to you have to show your STUDENT ID to get in, so make sure you have it with you.

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