Committee Interest Drink

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Location: Eetcafé Concordia
Date: 07 December 2017 20:00  -   23:00   hour
Committee Interest Drink

Do you want to become an Active Member? Join the Committee Interest Drink!

FAECTOR would not be FAECTOR without its Active Members. Our committee members organise all our activities and create our publications. FAECTOR and all its members benefit a lot from our Active Members, but joining a committee also offers you a lot:
- Meet many students in a short amount of time and make friends for the rest of your (student) life
- Join our activities exclusively for Active Members: Active Members Weekend, a hitchhiking competition, Active Members Day, Active Members drinks, cycling dinner, and many more
- Develop skills you can not learn in the lectures
- Boost your CV
- Joining a FAECTOR committee can be combined perfectly with studying econometrics

Learn about the different committees that you can apply for during this drink. The subscription deadline is the 26th of January.