Football Tournament & BBQ

The football World Cup 2018 is almost here, less than one month to the kick off! Are you starting to feel the football vibes? Well, get ready because FAECTOR is organising the traditional FAECTOR Football Tournament on Friday the 25th of May at the Sportvereniging H.O.V./D.J.S.C.R. football club. Are you good at football and do you want to show all your football skills together with your team? Then subscribe for the professional poule. If you don’t feel like competing in the professional one, but still want to enjoy a nice day of football: don't worry, you can also subscribe for a non-professional poule instead!

For €42.50 euros per team (between €4,25 and €6,08 euros per person) you’ll get a nice afternoon of sport, some drinks during the tournament and you’ll get to play at least 3 games. The matches are played 7 against 7 (including goalie). In total we accept up to 12 teams of 7-10 players, 6 for the professional pool and 6 for the non-professional one, so subscribe as soon as possible to get your spot! Note that only the team captain needs to subscribe for the tournament and therefore also needs to pay for the other players. Luckily, apps like "Tikkie" exists such that it shouldn't be a problem to pay for your teammates.

At the end of this sporty day, for only €5 euros per person extra you can join us for a barbecue to relax and enjoy a nice dinner and an evening full of joyful time with your friends. For all the vegetarians, just let us know in the form and we will prepare some delicious food for you guys too! Not feeling so sporty… Don’t worry! The subscriptions for the tournament and for the BBQ are separate, so if you just want to enjoy the food, you are more than welcome to join the barbecue only. Don't hesitate and sign up for the BBQ!