Artificial Intelligence & Finance

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Artificial Intelligence is one of the hottest topics at the moment. Innovations like self-driving cars can lead to an easier, safer and more efficient world. On the other hand, many are afraid that millions of jobs will be replaced by robots. One thing is certain: Artificial Intelligence will have a huge impact on all our lifes. Also financial companies, like ING, are leading the way towards more integration of Artificial Intelligence. ING is one of the leading financial companies when it comes to Artificial Intelligence. They have the ambition to become a Tech company with a banking license. During this guest lecture, ING will tell you more about where they use Artificial Intelligence in their company. Besides that, they will talk about the technical part of the Artificial Intelligence techniques they use. 

The following topics will be discussed during this lecture: 

  • The importance of Tech & Innovation in the financial sector
  • Artificial Intellligence at ING
  • Technical explanation
  • Chatbots

Are you interested in Artificial Intelligence (in the financial sector)? Or do you just want to know how ING is changing because of the emergence of Artificial Intelligence? Then make sure to sign up for this guest lecture!