Almanac Unveiling

The Marketing Committee is proud to announce that this year’s Almanac is all done and we cannot wait to present it to you on the 28th of June. This year we will present the Almanac with a little twist; the first 52 will receive a Limited Edition! Furthermore, some editions contain something special inside with which you can win great prices. So be early and maybe you will strike gold….

The unveiling will happen at Eau Lounge, right before the End of the Year Party, so that the party can go down like the Titanic once you have your copy of this year’s Almanac. No worries in letting your newly acquired Almanac go down with you, we’ll make sure to keep your copy afloat.

So don’t hesitate any longer and come get some drinks (beer & soda €1, wine €1,50) together with this year’s edition of the FAECTOR Almanac, before the End of the Year Party at the Almanac Drink!

The Marketing Committee