Book sale

Are you a first year student? Then you will take the course Microeconomics/Micro-economie in block 2. The lecturers of this course have indicated that they intend to make use of the online version of the book. Nevertheless, a limited number of copies of the paper version of the book (Frank & Cartright - Microeconomics and Behaviour, 2nd edtion) will still be sold. Unfortunately, the publisher refused to print books for anyone who didn't preorder. We are currently trying very hard to order more books. If you put yourself on the waiting list, this supports our request for more copies to the publisher and we will keep you updated! If you pre-ordered but want to cancel, please send an email to If you pre-ordered with the Study Store, but you would like to buy your books from us, send an email and we will work this out with the Study Store! The price of the paper book will be between €65,- and €70,-. The paper book also contains the code for the online course! Of course, we also sell the vouchers for ebooks!

Note that the book sale for block 1 has ended.