FAECTOR Consultancy Project

The FAECTOR Consultancy Project offers you the chance to become an econometric consultant during your studies! In block 4 & 5, you can get the chance to do a full consultancy project at an interesting organization. You will use and improve both your analytical and soft skills in a project team accompanied by professionals.
The main goal during the FAECTOR Consultancy Project is your development. You will develop your skills both ‘on-the-job’ as well as during trainings by experts in the field. In the FAECTOR Consultancy Project, you will discover and learn how econometrics is used in business.
Companies and organizations will be announced soon!
If you apply, you will become part of the FAECTOR Consultancy Pool. FAECTOR recruits companies and organizations for data science projects. When such a project is available, FAECTOR will ask around 4 students from the Consultancy Pool to become the consultant for the project. This selection will be based on CV only.
When asked to do a project, you are not obligated to accept it. You can therefore only do the projects that you like. Workload and exact time span of a project differs, but will be between 4 and 8 hours per week.
Application to the FAECTOR Consultancy Project is open to students in their second year or higher. Applications for the first round are open until March 9th. Apply here.