As a study association with over 2000 members, FAECTOR holds a lot of responsibility when it comes to COVID-19. Every day, the board of FAECTOR is working actively to, on the one hand, spread awareness under our students, and on the other hand, think of Corona proof solutions during our own events.

First and foremost, we think it is of great importance that Econometrics students are able to interact with each other. We recognise the value of meeting other students from the same study, so through our events, we stimulate this integration as much as possible.

Of course, all of our events are organised with the RIVM guidelines in mind. Our events policy is explained more in-depth below.

Events Policy

During our events, we face a trade-off between creating a fun environment for our students while creating a safe environment for them as well. Our aim is to facilitate as many students as possible, as we notice a high demand for social interaction. 

All of our introduction activities are organised in communication with the safety region Rotterdam-Rijnmond. Additionally, we are in close contact with the university and other student associations to ensure we can make the most of this year.

At our events, we adhere to the RIVM guidelines. Students will be seated with up to two persons per table, with 1.5 meters distance between the tables. Additionally, all events are in a seated setting to avoid the clustering of students. At our physical events, students will first fill out a survey with questions about potential symptoms. Their temperature is also checked with a remote thermometer, and we make sure there is hand sanitizer present. To protect the organising board or committee members when scanning the tickets, they wear a protective face-covering mask. At events with many students, we let the students arrive and leave in shifts to again prevent clustering.

Additional Information

If you have been to one of our events and you are tested positive for the Coronavirus, we urge you to report this to us as soon as possible. This way we can prevent the potential spreading of the disease and hope to contain any outbreaks. Please note the importance of reporting any positive test results to us, as this is the only way we can prevent the spreading of the disease together. It is also the only way we can keep organising physical events, which is for the benefit of all your fellow students.

If you have any questions or remarks about our COVID-19 policy, or if you wish to report a positive test result, do not hesitate to reach out to us at!

You can find the latest updates about COVID-19 of the EUR at

Thank you for understanding, and we look forward to welcoming you at one of our events!