Best Econometric Thesis Award (βETA)

Writing a thesis takes a lot of effort, so we want to reward you for this hard work! That is why FAECTOR, in cooperation with Veneficus and the Econometric Institute, organises the Best Econometric Thesis Award (βETA). The βETA is initiated by Veneficus to promote innovative research, which can also be used in the daily business of organisations. As we have two categories, Bachelor and Master, you can apply for the βETA with either your Bachelor or Master thesis.

The Bachelor βETA Procedure

The best Bachelor thesis will be selected by a jury existing of a PhD student, a professor and a representative from Veneficus. There will be a selection prior to the judging done by the Bachelor Coordinator, based on the executive summary of the respective thesis. The thesis deemed best by the jury will be rewarded by a prize and its writer will be asked to shortly answer some questions on his or her work. Last year’s prize for the winner of the best econometric Bachelor thesis award is an amazing airplane flight over the skyline of Rotterdam.

The Master βETA Procedure

The best Master thesis will also be selected by a jury, existing of professors and a representative from Veneficus. The Master Coordinators will nominate four students from the applicants, one for each specialization. They will do so by checking the executive summaries. The nominees will present their work at the βETA, where the winner will be selected by the jury. Last year the winner of the βETA was awarded with a prize of €1000. Besides the grand prize, the other nominees received a prize of €200 and there was an award worth €200 for the presentation that is most loved by the audience.

For more information about the βETA, please visit the website: