FAECTOR Research Project (FRP)

Note: the FAECTOR Research Project will not take place in the academic year 2021/2022.

The FAECTOR Research Project (FRP) is an awesome project that blends business and pleasure. The participating students first do an internship conducting research related to the field of econometrics. This way they apply the theoretically gained knowledge. Afterwards all participants go on a study trip abroad.

Previous partners of the FRP come from all different fields offered in the masters programs of econometrics. Some examples of last year’s partners are the Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Logistics), De Nederlandse Bank (Finance) and T-Mobile (Marketing).

The study trip always goes to a place outside the European Union. On this trip the focus lies on experiencing cultural activities, absorbing all of the famous and unique locations, companies and local universities the destination has to offer. The destinations of the past years were for example Canada and USA in 2019, Japan in 2018, and Brazil and Argentina in 2017.

If you have any questions about the FRP, do not hesitate to contact us: you can send Johannes Schurink an e-mail at educational@faector.nl or come by our office at GB-29!