Financial Engineering Cycle

Machine Learning (ML) techniques are transforming the financial services industry where automation and data-driven decisions are becoming more and more important. For banks, asset managers, and institutions, the application of ML can make drastic changes to the way they work and operate; reducing costs, increasing efficiency, improving security and of course, finding unique ways to create investment strategies. It’s clear that the importance of ML within the financial industry is ever increasing. Knowing about ML is not only highly valued by the employers, but is also essential to keep up with the latest developments in the financial sector. 

Therefore, B&R Beurs and FAECTOR decided to join forces and organise the Financial Engineering Cycle (FEC) in January and beginning of February 2021. This year, the FEC will consist of four weekly lectures where experienced professionals from different branches of finance will speak about how their company uses ML. Some of the participating companies are Rabobank and APG. 

You can subscribe for the lectures by using the following links:
- Introduction to Machine Learning by FDP Institute
- Why the biggest Dutch Hedge Fund does not use ML  (with Transtrend)
- Market Sentiment Analysis by APG
- Natural Language Processing by Rabobank 

It is important that you need to be a member of either B&R Beurs or FAECTOR to participate.
Note also that the cycle will fully take place online, so join us from anywhere in the world!