Upcoming lectures

On the Wednesday 21 March 9.00-9.45h in room H4-02 is the first meeting this teaching period of QED. Those students who could not participate or did not always attend  last teaching period are welcome as well! If you let me know that you will attend and want some extra help, then I am willing to provide some reading material to you and/or give some additional explanation at my office to make sure that you can understand the new series of lectures. 

The plan for the first lecture. Last teaching period I presented the behavior during measurements: it turned out that this was random. At this lecture I will present the behavior between two measurements: it turns out that this is deterministic. . This behavior is determined by the Schroedinger equation (SE).  In the first lecture of block 4 we will do some (or all?) of the following:

  • Derive the SE
  • Verify the SE experimentally
  • Solve the SE 
  • Connect the SE with classical mechanics
  • Prove preservation of energy
  • Apply the SE to spin in a magnetic field   

This plan corresponds to Chapter 4 of our textbook, Quantum Mechanics by Susskind and Friedman (pp 93- 127).

Kind regards, 

J. Brinkhuis